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Your personality will it matches your birth?

Group Of Children Having Fun In ParkAlthough you have the same genetic makeup, you and your siblings all have a distinct personality. Researchers your birth may explain some of these differences.
If you are the first born (elder)
Your philosophy is “I’ll do it the right way and you should do the same.”
You are conscientious, reliable, serious, competent, goal-oriented, organized, analytical, well prepared, precise.
You are passionate about perfection.
You avoid the unexpected.
People perceive you as a natural leader, a problem solver, a defender of tradition.
People may be annoyed by your critical, your lack of indulgence or authoritarianism.
Careers: engineering, law, medicine, education, nursing, accounting, management, information technology, research.
Relations : you expect the same from others than yourself, which can cause you disappointment or frustration. A marriage between two first-born can be like “a cat and a dog in a bag,” says psychologist Kevin Leman , as each strives to be the leader. The therapist, Marion Balla suggests determine separate domains where both will be at the controls, such as working for one and the house to the other. The best for you? A latest (youngest).
Raise your eldest or only child : you could set unreasonably high standards for your child, even unconsciously encouraging perfectionism. If your perfectionist eldest rips a drawing or reject a project because “it is not good enough,” Kevin Leman suggest you tell him, “I know it’s a big deal to you, but for me, it does makes no difference “and not to insist.
Famous Seniors: Oprah Winfrey, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Harper.
If you are the youngest
Your philosophy is “Let’s see it differently.”
You are sociable, flexible, free and open-minded, creative, pleasant, sometimes rebel.
You want to equity and you are passionate about your own identity.
You evade confrontation and avoid being typecast.
People perceive you as a mediator, a defender of the oppressed, a peacemaker, a rebel against injustice, a social animal.
People may be annoyed by your mysterious airs, your indecision and your reluctance to share your feelings.
Careers: mediation, negotiation, diplomacy, social work, education, self-employment.
Relations: you get along with almost everyone. But you sometimes have to rely on others while ignoring your own feelings in the interest of cooperation. A marriage between two cadets could cause miscommunication, partners attempting to avoid problems, or trying to relegate to “the cows come home,” says Marion Balla. Cadets are more monogamous all birth orders and least likely to undergo therapy. The best for you? Any birth, especially an elder or youngest.
Elevate your younger : make sure that each child is speaking. Do not wait for your younger come to you with their problem; sit with her ​​or him, close the door and ask nicely “? What bothers you my treasure”
Famous Cadets: Princess Diana, Bill Gates, Shania Twain, Sarah Palin, Martin Luther King, Mark Zuckerberg.
If you are the youngest
Your philosophy is “That sounds fun. Let’s go
You are charming, spirited, entertaining, loving, persuasive, emotional, restless, adventurous.
Looking for the attention and respect.
You avoid responsibility.
People perceive you as the highlight of the evening, a go-getter, a pioneer.
People may be annoyed by your forgetfulness, your egocentricity or expertise manipulator.
Careers : theater, film, comedy, music, arts, sports, sales, marketing.
Relations : You are adorable, but you are looking to attract the attention of others. You are impatient with the tedious tasks of life, such as taking appointments or pay bills. You even have a tendency to put everything in the hands of your spouse. A marriage between two cadets can be built on fun at the expense of accountability. The best for you? An elder or a single child. Kevin Leman says, “The younger an elder needs to adjust. The elder needs a caddy to flourish. “
Elevate your younger : you live great moments with your children, but you can be inconsistent from one to the other with respect to the rules and discipline. Make sure you assign tasks to your younger where he will go accounts.
Cadets famous : Céline Dion, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir, Ellen DeGeneres, Cameron Diaz, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Prince Harry.