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Windows 10: patching 'P2P'

win10A new day, a new leak: it is this time the 10036 build of Windows 10, which was shared on the net before official release, the latest version offered by Microsoft to members of the public beta was released on 9879 January 23. As often is the website WinBeta who managed to get their hands on this new Windows build.

On the menu of this new build of the Technical Preview, still no new browser Spartan, the new browser project announced by Microsoft and slow to materialize. It brings some cosmetic changes to the Start menu and icons in the taskbar. Note also improvements to Task View, the tool dedicated to multitasking, which allows particularly navigate between different offices. This has been improved to allow easier passage from one office to another and transfer order tramadol from canada window from one desktop to another.

Improvements have also been made at the Windows Defender interface, the options are now accessible from the general settings of Windows. Note also added functionality Insiders Hub, which offers a small layer of gamification to encourage users to trace their feedback to Microsoft. Thus, this new build has an interface taking stock of the contribution of the user to the Insider Program Microsoft.

But the most unexpected feature was marked by the site N4GM which publishes a screenshot taken from the build 10,036 which shows offering users an option to use a download peer to peer in order to obtain faster patches Windows. Atypical from Microsoft, but if that technology choice could rehabilitate the image of P2P, still too often associated with hacking, hard to complain.