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Windows 10: Microsoft promises to be less greedy disk space …

e631eaeb-66d5-46bd-9888-77b8e98e847a_15The growing popularity of SSDs and Flash storage is a major problem for Windows , the disk space consumption has experienced inflation over the years.

With Windows 10, Microsoft wants to be on all terminals. But to achieve this, including tablet, the editor will have to seriously address the problem of allocating disk space to the OS.
1.5 to 2.6 GB earned via compression
And that’s exactly what Microsoft intends to do, which announces in a blog post work to lower the disk footprint with Windows 10, leaving more space for storage of user data. And the entry-level terminals with limited space, it is far from trivial.

To reduce the space occupied by Windows 10, Microsoft points in particular to the compression system files (an added option without explanation during the 9879 preview of Windows 10 and available in the Disk Cleanup utility of the current version). This compression in a gain of 1.5 GB on 32-bit systems and 2.6 GB for 64-bit installations.

But to gain additional space, Microsoft also plans to review the functioning of recovery images – stored on a recovery partition. For example, on a Surface Pro 3 64 GB, about 10%, or more than 6 GB is allocated to this partition.

With Windows 10, the editor will therefore remove this partition and review the features related to the restoration (“Refresh” and “Reset”). They will rebuild the OS directly into place using runtime files systems, rather than from a specific partition.