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What status for your business?

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Wanting to start his business is good. Knowing the different legal status authorized by French law, it is even better. You will probably know it yet, but this choice will have its impact on your business, your tax system … The main options available to small projects.

Individual business
Specialists call it as company name or personal name company. It is now a widely used legal status, including the smallest structures. It must be said that the legislation does not impose capital contribution. In a sole proprietorship, the leader is responsible on his own property for the debts of the company.

Limited Liability Company Unipersonnelle
The EURL has only a sole shareholder. Some consider it the “little sister” of the individual enterprise. However, that comparison quickly reaches its limits insofar EURL is much closer to the LLC (Limited Liability Company) in its daily operation. Here and in theory the leader’s responsibility is sticking to the amount of its capital contribution.

The Company Name Collectif
First, you must know that the SNC has at least two associates. Each member must have trader status and is jointly and severally liable for the debts of the entire structure. The SNC does not require minimum capital.

The Limited Liability Company
For years, the LLC is certainly the best known legal status of French. This is even more true since the famous Law for Economic Initiative (LEL), initiated by Renaud Dutreil (Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce, Crafts and the Professions) on 1 August 2003. In an LLC The LIE allows to freely determine their social capital. It is the advent of the famous SARL 1 euro. You can tailor your capital according to your financial plan. Finally, a limited liability company, each partner (minimum 2, maximum 100) is responsible for the debts to the tune of his personal contribution.

The Company Exercise Liberal Limited Liability
Quite simply, it allows people to justify a regulated profession, to carry on business as an LLC.

Professional Civil Society
Persons exercising the same regulated profession may evolve there together. The partners undertake every personal responsibility about their professional acts. Ditto for the debts of the company.

The joint stock company (SAS) and the joint stock company Unipersonnelle (SASU)
SAS is a company where associates (minimum 2, no maximum), are responsible for up debts respective personal contributions. Warning: the minimum share capital is set at 37,000 euros. When SAS has a single shareholder, this is known as joint stock company Unipersonnelle (SASU).