TRAVEL GUIDE RIMINI, ITALY | mumble in the jungle



Every day spent in the beautiful Italian city of Rimini, is original and unique, because here there are many interesting things. In the city there are distractions and attractions for all tastes.

Aus amateur’s old buildings can be recommended to make an excursion to the chapel of St. Augustine, which is considered one of the oldest buildings in the city. The chapel is an excellent example of the Gothic architectural style can be seen even inside. Here there are frescoes of admirable beauty and many ornaments and crucifixes that remind of past centuries.


For those who wish to know the inhabitants of the depths of the sea are always open Dolphinarium, where it often organizes thematic programs and shows. In the museum located close you can see exposed priceless objects it houses large collections of skeletons of marine animals, and that there are rooms dedicated to crustaceans and molluscs.

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One of the most beautiful theme parks of the city is called “Italy in miniature”. It’s a really ambitious project of modern architects, offering visitors to get to know in a few hours the key sights of Italy. On the park territory there 270 miniature models of monuments and buildings which are of particular interest to visitors.

The choice of museums and galleries is enormous. The outdoor demonstration center is the Aviation Museum, where you can see over forty aircraft parts, which have taken part in hostilities with Iran, Korea, Vietnam and the former Yugoslavia. The exhibition is entirely devoted to military technology. Lovers of cinema should visit the Museum of Fellini, who will tell you the life and work of the great director.