TRAVEL GUIDE NAPOLI, ITALY | mumble in the jungle



The city has long since become a popular vacation spot, life here after day and night, and there was always a lot of visitors at any time of the year. Many people call Naples the capital of art and architecture for the large number of museums and historical monuments.

The most famous is the National Museum, which was founded in the eighteenth century. It contains a large collection of objects of ancient art, the first floor of the museum is devoted to sculpture, and the second one can see beautiful paintings and mosaics.


The central part of the city is the Piazza del Plebiscito, where the Basilica of San Francesco It is was founded in honor of the overthrow of Napoleon and considered one of the most important shrines of Italy. Not far away is another important architectural building – the Royal Palace of Naples, whose construction was completed in 1600. Another remarkable monument of architecture is the Palace of Castel Egg, which was founded by the Romans. Today the palace is open on the former Historical Museum is the exhibition of archaeological discoveries.

As for entertainment, restaurants and cafes are open for visitors to the city, and if you are in Naples in May you can take part in the grand culinary competition – the Festival of pizza. Lovers of nightlife should visit the districts Piazza Sannazzaro, San Pasquale di Chiaia and Lungomare Mergellina, where the best night clubs in the city are located. Food lovers should visit at least once a Brandi pizzeria, which is the oldest in the city. The best Italian pasta you will be offered in the Da Umberto restaurant and you can taste the Neapolitan aromatic coffee in the restaurant Bar Mexico. The largest shopping center is the Umberto Gallery.

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