THE TOURIST GUIDE OF AOSTA, ITALY | mumble in the jungle



The known resort skiing, Aosta is famous for the elegant hotels, with a large spectrum of entertainment and services. It divides the city into three independent parts, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

The Monte-rose is considered the most popular region. Apart from good runs downhill skiing, are open for guests 55 restaurants, 26 bars and a nightclub. Among the bars must be marked Caffe Del Centro and Ca Nosta, which are famous for its elegant design and theme nights. For visitors to the resort there is outdoor pool, several sports centers, but the dog sleds are still the main distraction. On the local racetrack one can learn to stay in the saddle and make unforgettable ride on horseback.


Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy the region’s much-Touil, which concentrated the multitude of shops and shopping centers. Resting walks can be comfortable to pizzerias or caf├ęs, and holidays nightclubs and nightclubs visitors. The Cajmajor region is attractive not only by the best sports grounds in the city, but also by historical sights. Here you can see the Malcouin Tower and an old chapel, the square around which serves instead of holding festivals and celebrations. Still one can visit the huge ice skating rink, around which there are also a few restaurants, shops and bars.

Rest in Aosta can be different here large variety of distractions effect allowed. If you want to diversify walks full of snow peaks of the cultural program, visit the Archaeological Museum or old town Pila arranged in the Aosta area. Here are kept some medieval castles, churches and other interesting sights.