THE TOURIST GUIDE AGROPOLI, ITALY | mumble in the jungle



The history of this small Italian town started yet friendly to 6th century Aragonovu family ran this ancient city. During its history it suffered many times the invasions of pirates who want to make it as their base. Today these times reminds one of the architectural main monuments – old doors.

Agropoli is a small town from its area, only 25 thousand people live here. In summer the amount of three people, two-thirds of the populations are tourists. The mild climate and vast beaches were chosen long ago by travelers of European states, in summer this small town turns into a large entertaining area, life here is not appeased neither day nor night.


The entire coastal area is occupied by beaches, next to which is opened restaurants, shopping centers and entertaining sets. Here we absolutely love this town if you’re a fan of active rest. You Porrez visit the sports centers, modern Aqua Park and the parks. For lovers of night clubs entertainment, outdoor dancing and nightclubs are working. This beautiful city also suit lovers of the resort and exotic dishes in local restaurants are proposed seafood, truffles and meat dishes and the best Italian wines and desserts sought.

In the city there and historical sights, the visiting these sites bring a pleasant variety to rest. Among the religious constructions we must distinguish the Church of Saints Peter and Paul dated 6 century and the Church of Constantinople Marie built in the early 16 centuries. The multitude of monuments survived from the time of the government of the Byzantine Empire, the medieval fortress, tombs and fortifications.