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Venice is the city of canals and beautiful architecture attracts lovers of all. What can be more romantic than a ride on the gondola by Venetian canals? Over 1000 Venice remained independent city-state until the conquest by Napoleon in the late eighteenth century. This city is full of historical places and monuments of architecture and art, but do not limit yourself to the visit of prominent attractions, find the time to take a walk through this just exceptionally interesting Italian city and open to yourself its present charm. Walk, for example, neighborhoods where no tourists. Venetian Each neighborhood has its personal character and this is not surprising, remember that the city is built on 117 islands linked by over 400 bridges and par160 channels. We must not forget that at the center of Venice on car travel is prohibited. It is better to leave your car in the parking lot and reach the center by boat.


The St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) forms the center of Venice; this is still the lowest point of the city, because of which it is constantly flooded with water, especially in winter. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings: St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the campanile Kampanila and Marciana Library. To the right of the basilica there is a place Piazzetta out to a Grand Canal. The first St. Mark’s Church was built in the ninth century to the preservation of the sacred relics of St. Mark was stolen from Alexandria by the Venetians. The church burned in the fire, then in the same buy diazepam 5mg place was built a new church that was destroyed in the eleventh century; however, the modern building of the basilica is built on the foundation of those times. Furthermore historians assume that the relics that are there are the ruins of Great Alexander, not St. Mark disappearing particular simultaneously, when we found the remains of St. Mark. The basilica has five domes and a large quantity of arches, turrets and other architectural ornaments emerged over the centuries thanks to the treasures that were brought by the Venetian ships from the East. That is why today in the treasury of the Basilica (Tesoro) one can see the Byzantine silver, gold and dishes made during the Fourth Crusade in the thirteenth century. At that time it was brought and chariot like trophy, now she adorns the facade of the basilica. About the horses on the front, which we see today is a replica of the original, which is under the 1990 dice glass.

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The basilica became the victim of looting many times. Thus, during the conquest of Venice, Napoleon stole gems that adorned the icons of the golden altar (Pala d’Oro), the main altar of the church. Today, however, the composition of the multitude of icons is in fair condition. Napoleon also stole the chariot, however, in 1815 it were made in Venice.