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The Scientific lifestyle: a healthy mind in a healthy body

lifestyle-300x203One of the concepts that I like to repeat through the many Personal Success productions, and which I firmly believe is this inability to build the confidence you deserve and express its potential without working primarily on well-being .

Health remains that we hold most precious , let it deteriorate is therefore a quasi criminal act .

The first priority in the definition of a fulfilling lifestyle, it is this propensity to listen to your body .

The manifestations of fatigue (whether physical or psychological) are warning signals , evidence of a lack of attention of our natural needs.

Failure to follow these cries for help, it is taking the risk of affecting his daily real way: depression , sleep disturbances , irritability , pessimism …

These psychological states are not inborn defects, they result from a refusal to make of his psyche and his quality of life of the highest priorities .

A healthy lifestyle is constructed (in my opinion) on the clear and precise definition of optimal responses to provide our basic needs:

Lifestyle and diet

In a society where everything has to be fast, the concept of quality disappears gradually.

Wanted efficiency first.

This unfortunate fact has hit the way we eat.

The result? It is restricted to prepared meals (no need to be spread over this, the current debate over noodles speaks for itself), the greasy food, frying … forgetting their misdeeds on the body.

The evolution of the rate of obesity, the discovery of new diseases (mad cow disease, bird flu …) are probably the most glaring consequences of this new mass culture and the lack of emphasis on how we feed .

The food industry is based on profit, without an ounce of consideration for the health of the consumer.

To remedy this escalation of “junk food”, the most relevant advice is based on an upstream planning your meals and a strict selection of ingredients that compose them.

Why indeed not predict early in the week, the dishes to prepare (with emphasis on natural and limiting fat)?

This will limit the time spent cooking and allow you to make the “lunch box” to take to work or at the place of your business.

A simple way to save money while putting promoting your health.

Water will be the best supplements.

That may be a bit daunting and less exciting than ordering nuggets in a chain of “restaurants” American, but if you could see how they are made, you would not hesitate one second and would spend in the kitchen .

Lifestyle and daily cycles

The daily organization is also a determining factor in your lifestyle.

If your professional activity necessarily occupies most of your days, your free time can also be optimized .

Since the regulating your sleep cycles (largely addressed in a recent article) to that of your physical activity (more than recommended to maintain your fitness, but also psychological), the more your life is planned, ordered, unless your state of mind is beset by doubt and uncertainty .

Obviously, this does not mean that the impromptu and improvisation have no place in the definition of the ideal lifestyle, but these are factors that are grafted onto a thoughtful organization and predetermined.

The unknown is always a source of stress , and it is for this reason that personal reflection on ways to streamline his time between the definition of a peaceful psychology.