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The art of erotic touch

toucher.previewQuestion: My husband coaxing me that when he wants to make love. I want to receive more affection from him, but how to make him understand that when I hold against me, it does not mean a desire for sex?

Reply Cheryl Fraser: How often do you love? If for your husband to see you naked is extremely rare, it can seem as if you touch it, it is that you desire. Many couples report me the problem and, if you rarely make love, the man argued that a single caress puts it in all its forms.
He interprets this feeling as more than a caress. He hastens to lead you to the marriage bed before you change your mind. So you walk away from him, he feels rejected and walks away in turn. You find both injured and distrustful. You touch each other becomes a sensitive issue and soon you pet the dog more often than your partner.
If you have a healthy and frequent sexual activity, it is different. Some men (and some women) need to tame the non-sexual contact. The loving touch is an intimate act which makes it vulnerable. A soft and slow embrace, staring into the eyes, can be more emotionally intense for him to make love, then it merges all the gestures you you hit with sex, to feel more confident and less vulnerable .
In this case, you will teach him to taste and enjoy the full range of sensual pleasures. It is very wide and goes interlacing fingers with hugs in the nude. Unfortunately, most couples do not cultivate the art of love.
My motto as a sex therapist is this: “Do you get more and more often. “This means that you need to create the conditions for different types of physical contact, whether soft or cuddly most sensual touches. Discuss the need to experience the physical pleasure with your man and make touch a new hobby.
Here are some small pleasures to be discovered:
1) First, hugs hello and good evening. Hug your lover during a few deep breaths in common. Lay your head on his shoulder or rub his foot with yours, cinema (I bought a reclining love seat we call the “couch cuddling”).
2) Take all dance lessons in order to touch you and move you maintaining contact with the sound of music. Attach a day of “erotic touches” you tease each other your body, but not the genitals – orgasm is not allowed. I assure you that you will feel pleasure in previously neglected areas of your anatomy.
3) I also invite you to explore the lost art of kissing. Remember the long evenings devoted to kissing on the couch with your first love, while you could spend hours just kiss you? I challenge you to remember the last time you kissed your spouse that way. The erotic charge of the language in full exploration should never be underestimated.

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