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Ten key technology positions for your 2015 budget

budgetistock000004936955smallWe are back to the time of year when the IT department should establish its plans for the coming year and prepare for discussions on the budget. Here are ten items of expenditure that should be on top of lists of IT business purchases in 2015.
1. WAN Optimization
With the proliferation of new web applications for clients and employees working in the field, IT business must be in good condition the internal network, and the quality of the experience of the end user on the Internet . New IT investments will be made in network devices that measure the “external trade” and the solutions based on cloud computing that can monitor Internet traffic worldwide, rerouting traffic when needed.

2. Big data
The investment will continue in big data solutions for the data center and the recruitment of business analysts and data analysts with big data skills. This investment will be characterized by a stronger movement towards the use of big data stream in real time and the automation implementation can take advantage of the Internet of Things.

3. Cloud computing
Companies continue migrating to a hybrid cloud environment that combines public cloud solutions, private cloud and on site. The use of cloud computing, especially for treating external business processes and other complex issues that are lacking in internal corporate systems for years, will enable IT to accelerate the commercialization of solutions for competitive advantage the company.

4. DevOps
As more and more IT departments are striving to increase collaboration and co-development between application developers and system software experts, publishers can respond with tool sets to configure and automatically deploy the ‘underlying infrastructure systems. Developers will be able to focus more on high-level business coding. Investments will be made because of the potential to accelerate the application time to market and to cope with the skills gap in further systems which many IT employees are beginning to experience.

5. Mobility
Companies will continue to invest in mobile devices and the development of mobile enterprise applications for internal use by employees and external use by customers. It is likely that they will recruit new people with mobile application development skills.

6. Virtualization
Hardware virtualization is a mainstay of treatment centers for more than a decade. 2015 will be marked by a similar effort in the virtualization infrastructure software. The goal of virtualization software is to further reduce licensing costs. All software virtualization tool that can contribute is likely to appear in the budget.

7. Digital Resources
Companies seek to promote and monetize their digital assets, whether in the form of a website, a presence in social media, management and development of content or applications that run in the digital world. Many companies will formalize this process by recruiting managers Digital able to focus on an approach to digital resources combining technological and IT investment with sales and marketing channels, revenue and brand development.

8. Data Center Facilities
The data center is a major contributor of corporate sustainability initiatives. Improvements in the construction of facilities and cooling and heating systems will be funded to facilitate the common facilities and IT projects to reduce energy consumption in the datacenter.

9. Audits
The rapid deployment of mobile applications and web oriented and the introduction of personal devices use policies in the workplace encourage many companies to book extra money in the budget for audits of governance and policy IT and security.

10. Data Center Automation
The IT department will continue to fund and implement automation in the data center to control energy consumption and allow the execution of operations unattended via overnight batch processing, storage and data archiving, backup and synchronization of systems for the purpose of business continuity and rapid warm restart.

Your company plan spending in areas that are not on this list? What are your priority expenditure items for 2015?