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Stronger together or separately?

Couple.previewAccording to research published in the June 2013 Journal of Communication , people who have long-distance relationships often have stronger connections than people who live with or near their partner because they more consistent and meaningful communication.

Researchers at City University of Hong Kong and Cornell University have asked long distance couples and couples who lived near to witness their daily interactions for a week: face-to-face, phone calls , video communications, SMS, instant messaging and email. We realized that long-distance couples were more intimate for two major reasons: they reveal more about themselves to their partner and they idealize behavior.

In 2011, according to Statistics Canada, 7% of Canadians aged 20 and over had a loved one, but lived at separate addresses. Almost half of them (48%) were young adults 20 to 29 years; financial, educational or related to work are some of the reasons given for their choice.