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Start is good but how much does it cost?

????????????????????????????????????????Once found local, expenses continue for the entrepreneur. Gather with four walls, that’s fine, but it is still necessary that your company is furnished for working in ideal conditions. Outside of traditional equipment (desks, chairs …), which are not necessarily expensive, there are two elements that should not be overlooked: computer and office automation.

One of the first things to think about when you have found your premises, it is for you to install a telephone line. For example, it will cost you at France Telecom, installation costs, and a subscription (about 28 euros every two months) which will add different pricing schedules in force (this corresponds to the formula base and nothing prevents you to subscribe to professional offer or specially designed for business. But at this stage of your business, is it really necessary?).

After passing this course, you will begin the process with an Internet Service Provider (ISP), allowing you to access the Web, send and receive emails … email is almost become indispensable in a business (for both external and internal exchanges).

In this regard, many choose a broadband offer (from 15 euros in some ISP). So you can surf the Web without limits without worrying about the future bill.

And that would be the Internet, without a computer? At one time, it might be worth renting computer equipment. But today, the cost of these technologies has dropped so much that we propose to acquire it. With major brands, you can easily find desktops from 600 euros and printers a good quality / price ratio (around 100 euros). Remember, if your business requires you to opt for a laptop, we recommend you invest at least 900 euros to benefit from a reliable and efficient equipment. Of course, you can choose different guarantees (1 year, 2 years …) to reassure you.

You now have the minimum to begin. It’ll just get yourself a management software (the prices vary according to their functions: production management, personnel, inventory …), peripheral devices such as fax (100 to 150 euros) and if you want a calendar (from 250 euros) …

In addition, you say that the other tools acquisition depends only on your financial means. You need a photocopier? Nothing prevents you for the time to go make copies to the corner store to the unit (at least in the early stages of your business). Because in equipment outside the minimum, it is good to know spread purchases over time. Because you’ll face many other expenses (water, electricity, wages, suppliers …).