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Official: Windows 10 released “this summer”

Windows-10_Product-Family-500x281The arrival of Windows 10 is a little more accurate … Microsoft has confirmed that it will launch its new OS this summer, without elaborating. The output will be simultaneously in 190 countries and the OS will be translated into 111 languages. Recall that Windows 10 will be offered in free update for PC users running Windows 7, Windows Phone 8.1 and 8.1.
But what we did not know is that this free upgrade will affect ALL versions of Windows 7 and 8. “all” should be understood to legal versions and versions “pirates”.

“We will update all qualified PCs, legally or not, to Windows 10,” announced Terry Myerson, in charge of the operating system division of the publisher.

With this choice, Microsoft is clearly the volume hoping to attract as many users as possible, even those who have not purchased a license in the past. This is a pragmatic choice: Apple has opted for the same approach with OS X, especially in some countries, legal versions of Windows can be counted on the fingers of the hand, as in China … We understand d Besides why this announcement was made in this country.
In a statement, Microsoft highlights its partnership with Lenovo will produce a special effort in China to launch. The manufacturer will offer assistance to upgrade to Windows 10 through its 2,500 stores and service centers. In addition, Lenovo will offer one or more Windows 10 smartphone will be sold in China starting in mid-2015.

Microsoft has also signed an agreement with the Chinese Xiaomi. It will organize a test program to a group of users of its Android smartphone Mi 4 which will install the Windows technical preview 10. This approach may augur a closer relationship with the rising star telephony. (Eureka Press)