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My husband always wants to be with me … and I can not breathe!

fusion.previewThere is a big difference between someone who suffocates you and someone who loves you. Choking is caused by insecurity and selfishness. Love is driven by trust and generosity. Choking is based on fear and the need to be together. Love is based on a healthy desire to relationship and the pleasure of sharing moments. Choking is the partner who wants to get what he needs, “I want to spend every minute with you.”Love is two partners that give everyone what he needs:” Have a good evening with friends, my heart. I’ll see you later. “You say that you feel stifled. This may also mean that the problem is with you, not him. Here are some questions to ask yourself: Is it too controlling and lack of affection, or is it that you are not comfortable to accept the relationship and intimacy? Explore deep emotional times can be upsetting that you love her in your arms and maintain eye contact with him, or is it that you feel awkward? Are you able to say words of love, or are you a joke because you feel nervous when there is a deep connection? If his emotional behavior seems correct, but you are unbearable, you win to open up to him and trust him to help you overcome your resistance to the latent passion.

It is also possible that you and your husband perceive intimacy differently. What did each of you feel close, connected, supported and understood? Some of us thrive through physical affection; for others, it goes through conversation; still others like to be sitting quietly together to watch a movie or stars.

People also differ in the tranquility and space they need. If at the end of the day he enjoys spending time with you to relax, and you need a little solitude before you open to it, it is possible that his tender attentions annoy you. If this is the case, you must find time for yourself so you can present yourself to your man with the heart happy. It is also possible that your husband has deep insecurities and the problem is his and not the yours. His texts they are small affectionate words to wish you a good day, you or he asks at any time where you are? Accompany you there at the store because he likes to be with you, or because he is jealous? Does it to spend the weekend with you because he believes and favors your free time together, or because he refuses to let you spend time with someone else? If he fears abandonment, it will attempt to secure emotionally dictating you’re every move. This behavior is unhealthy. Professional help may be necessary for it to heal all the betrayals of his past and teach him to trust in your marriage. Be honest and ask yourself where the problem is really. A relationship is like a blanket: it can make us miss the air, or wrap us in a warm and comforting embrace. Deep links require courage, because an open heart is a vulnerable heart. Once you have made the difference between choking and love, you can invite your husband to cuddle you and live the happiness of two people creating a sacred union … with plenty of space to breathe!