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MWC 2015 – Fujitsu has created a scan of the iris that unlocks smartphones

fujitsu-smartphone-iris-authentication-2MWC 2015: Fujitsu has developed a bio metric iris technology, which allow the user of a smartphone to identify in less than a second.
After Qualcomm and sound system fingerprint reader ultrasound , Fujitsu presented at the Mobile World Congress, a new bio metric technology to identify in less than a second without skin contact.

The Japanese manufacturer has developed a scanner of the iris – the first to be integrated into a smartphone, according to the company. In the form of a housing, which can be grafted on a smartphone, this scanner is composed of a camera and an infrared LED lamp. The user is positioned far enough away from his phone and looks at two black circles. The imprint of his iris is then captured by the infrared camera and recorded. The user can then unlock the device by the same process or Login to access an online storage service.

Note that Fujitsu is also working on developing a security solution for enterprises, integrating this iris recognition technology, in addition to the fingerprint authentication and identification by palm vein of the hand. According to the company, the scanner should be launched in March 2016.

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress , the enterprise mobility management solutions provider (EMM) Good Technology announced the integration of new features in Good Work , its solution dedicated to SMEs . These new Figure a simple and unified interface for professional applications with “Good Launcher” a secure access functionality to applications via Apple Touch ID, and taking care of secure objects connected enterprise. Professional workstation environment “Good Launcher” enables users on the go “access to all necessary applications at the touch of a button,” according to the company. Good Launcher enables users to access all Good Technology applications (Access, Connect, and Share Good for Salesforce). Good Work also proposes to unlock the Touch applications via Apple ID, allowing the user to take advantage “of quick access to any secure application through their fingerprints on Apple devices, without having to install additional hardware, and without compromising the security establishment by Good with containers. ” Finally, with its platform “Good Dynamics”, the company claims to be “the only solutions provider EMM to allow secure access to data and content on connected devices.”