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Men: the trends of spring

6cdf9ce5c1a40a998728fb2f25317e58_fotorIn response to my last article and as promised, here is a guide spring trends in the masculine. As for women, the influence of the 1970 is very present. It focuses on the most fitting clothing, comfort and details, because everything is in the detail!Whether to refresh her wardrobe or redo complete, here is what you will find this spring.
The stripes are in ! We find them in a blue and white polo for a nautical look , or any other colors (just to avoid having the air of a captain). There is also the scratch, thinner this time on the complete and most sophisticated pants. We still prefer the vertical stripe as it elongates the silhouette. Wear your t-shirt or polo with striped jeans or jogger . The jogger is the pants of spring, with elastic at the waist and ankles, it offers both the comfort of sweatpants and a look casual .
Summer is the season of color and the one approach does not make exceptions to the rule! Cap on pastel as in women than in men. Bermuda mint green, baby blue polo shirt, yellow chick moccasins: This batch of colors immediately leaves to the imagination. The neutral looks and white are equally likely. We will arrange a fitted uniform shirt with faded jeans which one will roll down to make way for the ankle and boat shoes . Their bold leather absorbs moisture, so you can wear them without socks (in fact, I did not leave you much choice), so you will wear without socks, without worrying stories of perspiration.
The monochrome look was everywhere on the catwalks of latest fashion shows. As much as we like to mix colors, monochrome is one of the easiest looks to be adopted. Go for a total look denim , all white or all black. In this way, you absolutely can not go wrong, and your buddies (those who have difficulty managing color associations) will be jealous of the result.
As for the return of 1970 , we will build not the disco, but the hippie chic look and psychedelic rock . Suede made ​​his comeback in the wardrobe of men as a jacket and shirt. I hear you complain, but believe me the suede , much more flexible and comfortable than leather quickly become your new best friend.
Finally, looks sporty and beach are a must when warmer weather arrives. The short-sleeved shirt pattern is definitely one of the key pieces of the season. You will wear it with jeans or trousers neutral to avoid attracting the eye to too many places at the same time. Next season is also where you finally dare the short mid-thigh (if not already). I am sincerely sorry, but the pants happens below the knee or mid-calf is out . This is indisputable. You can not go wrong with a Bermuda that just reaches the top of the knee or shorts a little shorter style swimsuit.

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