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Latest Trends In Smartphones And Their Features

The indispensability of smartphones and constant addition from the manufacturers put many in a state of limbo where they are unable to decide. Ever growing and changing latest trends keeping up with the latest trends could be as much irritating as it seems interesting to many. But it has almost become a necessity to have the most advanced technology in your hands. Following are some of the few smartphones that are/have come out this year and are tempting enough to be checked out at least once.

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Nexus 6: That time is gone when only telecommunication or electronic houses would made mobiles, tablets etc. The search engine organisations have also jumped in to pitch in their share. Google’s Nexus 6 is one of the marvels that have come out this year. An android phone with almost tab-sized screen (6 inches). This very feature puts it into the category of phablet. Its features include Memory: 3GB, Storage: 32GB/64GB, Battery: 3,220mAh, Rear camera: 13MP, Front camera: 2MP.


IPhone 6 Plus is of course the latest gem to have come out of Steve Jobs cerebral outcome: Apple. Available with Kaymu, this phone is expensive and only for iPhone fans. An upgraded version of iPhone 6, it has a full HD screen with extra colouring and light in it, therefore giving a perfect display. Here are its salient features Screen size: 5.5-inch, Resolution: 1920 x 1080, Memory: 1GB, Storage: 16GB/64GB/128GB, Battery: 2,915mAh, Rear camera: 8MP, Front camera: 1.2MP.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a wonderful rendition and addition in the Galaxy family. It should not be forgotten that Samsung is responsible for starting the phablet category. It were there note and galaxy series that set the trend of big screen smartphones and hence came to be knowns as phablets as they lie in between tablet and phones. This Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has super AMOLED technology with full QHD. Here are some of its features: OS Android 5, Screen size 5.7-inch, Resolution 2560 x 1440, Memory 3GB, Storage 32GB, Battery is removable 3,220mAh, whereas Rear camera is 16MP, Front camera: 3.7MP.

LG G3 is an absolute treat for those who love clarity. LG carries a trademark in all sorts of electronic and digital products. For those people who look for lower prices but a good deal, this could be their dream mobile. It has marvellous number of pixels and a QHD. Buying at Kaymu or Clickbd will let you know the major specs of LG G3. Here are some: OS Android 5, Screen size: 5.5-inch, Resolution, 2560 x 1440, Memory 2GB/3GB, Storage: 16GB/32GB, Battery: removable 3,000mAh, Rear camera: 13MP, Front camera 2.1MP.


Last but not the least, HTC One M9 is a great addition to the world of Smartphones. Following are its major features: Screen size: 5-inch, Resolution: 1920×1080. Memory: 3GB, Storage: 32GB, Battery: 2840mAh, Rear camera: 20.7MP, Front camera: 4MP.