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How to choose a backyard gazebo

backyard gazebo

Buying an outdoor gazebo for your home can be a beautiful way to create a sheltered space outdoors. Gazebos are a great place to enjoy an al fresco meal, to relax, or simply to enjoy the fresh air while being sheltered from the sun. When choosing a gazebo for your yard, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


Gazebos come in a wide array of price ranges, from very affordable to very posh. The first thing to do when you set about the task of shopping for a gazebo for your yard is to set a budget. Decide how much you can comfortably spend on your gazebo and then look for an option in that price range.

An affordable option is to build your own gazebo instead of purchasing a premade one. If you are handy and want to save a few dollars, this can be a great way to go. If you do want to go the premade route, however, there are affordable options there, too.


The location you choose for your gazebo is very important. When choosing a location, consider things such as proximity to pools, gardens, other seating and other backyard elements. You’ll want to have it situated close enough so that you still feel included with those enjoying other aspects of your yard but far enough away so that you can get some solitude if you want. Also, it’s important to consider the view you will have when sitting in the gazebo. When choosing a location for your gazebos Montreal residents, you don’t want to end up facing a rusty old tool shed or the back of your neighbour’s house. Opt for something picturesque to look at, such as your pool, a garden, or a water feature. Ensuring you have a good view will enhance the beauty and functionality of the gazebo itself. Finally, always choose a spot with level terrain. Don’t place a gazebo on an incline or over uneven grass, for example. Doing so would compromise the safety of your gazebo.


Now comes the fun part! Now that we know how much we can spend and where we are going to put the gazebo, we can start to look at the various styles available. Always keep in mind the space you have in which to put your gazebo. If you have a small yard, you’ll want to choose a smaller size for your gazebo. If you have lots of space to fill, you can go for something more elaborate.

Traditionally, gazebos come in octagonal shapes. However, these days it’s possible to get a gazebo in virtually every shape imaginable. In many cases, which shape you choose is simply a matter of preference, but there are considerations to be made. An octagonal shape, for example, will provide more comfortable side-by-side seating than a square configuration would.

Finding the right gazebo for your yard is a matter of knowing what you need, how much you can spend, and then finding the style that you love. No matter which one you choose, a gazebo is sure to enhance your enjoyment of your yard.

Photo Credit: Ruth Peterkin/Shutterstock