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Historical Significance of Easter Blooms

The smell of beautiful blooms harbingers spring. Flowers have always helped mankind in sickness as well as in happiness. The importance of flowers cannot be neglected in one’s life. Be it the crimson rose or the lilac tulips, all of them are of great significance to the humans. With the approaching festivities of Easter, people are quite familiar with the springing bunnies but this time Easter flowers are added to the list to make your festival even more colourful.

Easter is the symbol of new beginnings and fertility. Flowers make this expression stronger by inculcating strong radiance and splendour. Easter flowers are especially made to rejoice the symbolism of new life and resurrection. The aroma of Easter blooms are enchanting and will leave one spellbound. Below mentioned is the historical significance of a few Easter flowers:



The story of origination of red tulips is full of passion, love and grief. According to the Turkish legends, there was a prince named Farhad. He was truly in love with a beautiful girl named Shirin. One day, when Farhad received the heart-breaking news of her lover’s death, he took his horse and rode it over the edge of cliff. Sadly a rival conveyed the false message and Shirin was still alive. Many believe that from his each blood droplet, red tulips bloomed. This is one of the many stories which tell about the origin of red tulips.


According to Greek mythology, a wood nymph named as Echo fell in love with a young man named Narcissus. Now the young man, Narcissus who was so self-indulgent that he didn’t cared about the love of Echo. Gods became angry by this gesture of Narcissus. They then cursed him to fell in love with his own reflection in the pool of water. As the time passed by and he stayed beside the pool staring at his own reflection and waiting for an unrequited love. Gradually he turned into a beautiful flower, Daffodil forever. Thus, these flowers symbolises hopeless love and perfection.

Easter lily

There are many stories regarding the origin of Easter lily. One story states that lilies blossomed in the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was weeping, few hours before Judas betrayed him. While on the other hand a different story states that when Eve was leaving Paradise her tears transformed into the beautiful lilies. Thus, lilies are the symbolism for new beginnings and rebirth.

Easter flowers not only symbolise love, perfection, hope, faith and respect but also signify glory, valour and rejuvenation. Nothing is better than gifting Easter flowers on this magnificent occasion. Now you can also gift flowers to your friends and family who are living in another part of the world by using various website which sends flowers internationally. So enjoy your Easter by bringing new hopes and happiness into your lives as well as of others.