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Finding Shipping Supplies for your Company

When you own your own business or have a home based business, finding the best shipping supplies is always a challenge. Finding the best size shipping supplies is always the hardest part. When shipping larger objects cardboard shipping boxes are your best option.

Knowing What Size Boxes to Use

When shipping breakable objects it is very important to make sure you have the correct size box. Having the wrong size box can cause damage to the merchandise you are shipping. Using the proper shipping materials ensures your merchandise stays functional and intact. Adding in certain components will help to stop your merchandise from being jostled while being shipped. When shipping merchandise, you can use envelopes or boxes. Make sure to choose a shipping method that will allow you to add in components like packing peanuts or another cushion to keep merchandise from being damaged.

If using boxes to ship merchandise or materials make sure to reuse them if at all possible, but do not let them get worn out. If a box gets worn out it is not sufficient enough to use when shipping anymore because its strength will decrease and it will not protect your merchandise being shipped. There are several different types of boxes some of these include wardrobe boxes, standard boxes, picture boxes, or dish pack boxes. Wardrobe boxes usually have a bar inside of them and are used to ship hanging clothes.

Standard boxes are usually found in several different sizes and can hold up to 50 lbs. Picture boxes are used to ship mirrors and other artwork. Dish Pack boxes are boxes with dividers that can protect materials such as plates and glasses. After you have chosen the type of box you need make sure to choose the correct type of cushioning that protects and secures your merchandise being shipped. Some packing materials include popcorn, newspapers, packing peanuts, foam pouches, or bubble wrap. Popcorn is an alternative to Styrofoam packing peanuts; it can only be used once and is better for the environment.

Newspaper is used to wrap fragile items to protect them during shipping it can also be crumpled and wadded and stuffed in the box to take up extra space and secure items. Packing peanuts are Styrofoam pellets that are used to fill space and secure items when shipping. Foam pouches are sheets that are sealed and folded into the shape of a pouch and merchandise is put in those pouches to keep fragile items secure when shipping. Bubble wrap is a sheet of plastic that has small pockets that are filled with air.

It is used to wrap and fill spaces during shipping. When you are looking for shipping materials to ship your merchandise make sure to choose accurately. Choosing the correct shipping materials will ensure your merchandise is being shipped securely.