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E-business: Widen your subscriber list with co-registration campaign.

e-business-41You have created a newsletter on the Internet for your business,
but you do not have enough readers?

For your newsletter reaches a wider audience, it is possible to set up a co-registration campaign, that is to say that visitors to other websites can subscribe on-le- field to your newsletter if interested. There are certainly other people in the same situation as you, the list of subscribers of their newsletter is the same size as yours and who are also looking for ways to enlarge.

Start by contacting them, they may be interested in a free exchange of favors. Searching the Internet for other newsletters with content similar or related to yours. Contact the publishers and offer to cooperate. If the size of the list of your newsletter subscribers is not yet large enough to interest other publishers and allow contract, or if you want to quickly increase your membership, contact an agency offers contracts co-registration. But before you sign, make sure you will not be accused of sending spam. The three key questions:

1) Where will be displayed in the registration form to my newsletter?
If the co-registration agency refuses to tell you the sites where it will display your membership form and refuses to provide verification data, Attention, this agency may send spam.

2) So what will the information message about subscribing to my newsletter?
Make sure that the name of your company or your newsletter and description of its contents appear much on offer subscription. Interested individuals must be able to subscribe specifically to your newsletter, not a letter on this subject, otherwise your post will be taken to spam.

3) What kind of verification data can I get?
The information for checking the display of the offer and the membership form to your newsletter must include at least the hours, days and network addresses carried inscriptions. If possible, ask for the full addresses of websites where membership offer appears.

Customize the registration confirmation and send it to each new subscriber. To protect you and your business against potential spam complaints, thank them for being a subscriber to the site where your subscription offer was displayed and specify the theme and content of your newsletter.