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Discover campaigns to convince your customers

MarketingThe struggle for obtaining advertising budgets has hardened. But with new ideas in the field of advertising and marketing that new entrants are needed in this sector. Read on and discover the countryside through which you can convince your customers.

Advertising gag to the franchise
In a trendy bistros of a large city, Night Delight lingerie shop installed briefs machines. Which was designed as an emergency purchase for a hot night, briefs and stamps as a toothpaste, all for 6 euros, has become a success. The shop has hit the nail. The controllers that are in the toilet is equipped with liners of all sizes, pants are printed on each store’s logo and store card is attached. The store owner, has found that what started as a simple advertising idea has become a lucrative business. The success is such that there are some robots everywhere around the city. The innovative now intends to develop this idea into a franchise system. The requests come from big cities and even New York.

An agency for large event photographers
The agency Prof lash Media has a network of over 1000 photographers and photo-scouts, extended throughout Germany. It was during fairs or other events organized by a company that these people take pictures they send directly to the agency. These are companies or event agencies that are the principals. They must send to visitors the various events they have organized souvenir photos. Young entrepreneurs explained: “People keep those photos where they are. These pictures reinforce the memory of an event. In addition, each photo is engraved the company logo and its advertising message. ” With these photos, Internet specialists Prof lash install a virtual photo gallery. Only photographed people have access with a password. This is mail that they receive a selection of digital images. The rights of the persons depicted in the photos are protected. It was only after their agreement that the photos are available on the Net. This is the donor who installs gallery. The customer pays 800 euros plus VAT. This includes: Pictures taken, the photo gallery on the Internet, send digital photos to people photographed.

External marketing department
The trend of outsourcing (outsourcing) does not shrink from the marketing industry. Marketing experts, assume that in the near future, a large part of trade negotiations and action fields pass the business to the agency. The company offers the services of an external marketing department she called “marketing mix”. It thus combines: the layout and the practical implementation of marketing. This company consists of one wife organizes and coordinates all that relates to marketing. The offer includes, among others, the analysis of the marketing tools used so far and layout proposals designed beforehand. The owner ensures monitoring of the contract. It will remain at their disposal for any questions and possible changes. It has its office for three years, working with photographers, designers and copywriters. Part of its customers: professionals, architects, tax consultants, SMEs of all kinds.

Platform used advertising items
The attraction-City agency organizes for its customers everything imaginable: the historical fair with booths decorated with old, children’s rides to the event “Formula 1” with simulated circuit and the bottle Giant Champagne. The company plans to sell as a used purse, promotional items that have been used. The stock comes from items held by the agency and articles from customers. For fans and collectors, the agency is planning a annual auction.

Marketing for SMEs
The franchisor – advertising and labeling – opened in Frankfurt its first marketing megastore. The range of products includes labels, badges, flyers doors, decorative items, light boxes and flags. Using digital printers, customers can be printed on site. H. Domenig, creator of the franchise, consider this market – customers come straight for their advertising articles – as an evolution of the franchise system in existence since 1990 and has over 50 partners in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Unlike the separation usual in this industry, design and production, partners offer both in one. This explains why even SMEs can afford to hire an advertising agency.

Conditions of the franchise :
Package: 2990 euros plus 5,980 euros for training
Ongoing charges: 100 to 200 euros per month
Advertising Costs: 25 to 80 euros per month.

Outputs with unusual gear
It is in crazy vehicles Trendsmobil offers guests unusual outings. The company organizes vehicles in off-road racing, rallies and trials quads. “These are the desires of our customers who have given birth Trendsmobil who works for customers of companies looking for original ideas and this for 10 years ” , remembers its founder. ” Last year, the company organized for the company LHS (management and leasing of automobiles), an expedition in the southern region of the country. For this, the agency hired VW Touareg 40. Eight courses were marked. Participants and crossed the entire region. At the end of the rally, they found themselves in a career in welcoming their exploits.

Balance sheet
The advertising market keeps changing. In this branch, there has always niche despite the heavy fighting that we must deliver to obtain budgets for advertising. The niches also open to small structures. What we should have when we want to start a business: creativity and a talent for organization. In addition, you have to be approachable. These qualifications not only facilitate contact with people in general but also with your customers, your employees (employed or independent) and partners.