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Discover 7 original ideas to operate in the field of advertising and marketing

THE-BEST-30-HOME-BASED-OR-LOW-COST-BUSINESS-IDEAS-FOR-2014-making-it-tvYou want to get started in setting up a business, but you are looking inspiration? Do not panic! We show you the next seven paths to follow and can be implemented within simple types of sole proprietorship, EURL Ltd. … asking low investment.

1 check-up of the clothes closet
A new fashion has invaded some of our European neighbors. This is the check-up of the clothes closet. “I put the cabinets chaotic,” says Gitta Kleinesper, a German designer. On the program: make room in client cabinet and accompanying shopping to start the makeover. “I finished the check-ups wardrobe with advice on the choice of clothing taste. Then I accompanied my clients in the stores, “continues Gitta. So why not take this concept in France or elsewhere, adapting it to your local market? Such a provision is aimed at both women and men. Your customers will be made up of entrepreneurs, actors, politicians, yuppies in lack of time … for which the clothing is of primary importance.

2 A security service for the elderly
It is an evil that corrodes our society in recent years: violence and other acts of banditry affecting more and more people. Who does not know someone in his entourage are being made mugged lately? In these conditions, why not think about the most vulnerable: the elderly. You could build a security service to accompany them when they go shopping, go to the bank, the doctor … The great advantage of the installation of such a structure is that it requires little cost start: less than 3000 euros! Indeed, apart from conventional equipment (telephone, fax, computer …), most of your work will take place on the ground.

3 A home delivery service
Have you ever thought about becoming a man (or woman) of successful parties? Explanations: at a dinner, a small party with friends, we are all one day fell out of beer, food … Worse: how many of us have already realized the omission of the purchase of a product essential to the last moment? The answer is simple: everyone! Faced with this, you can embark on a night delivery service. You would work, for example, between 20 and 3 am (the stores are usually closed at these times). Your mission: to deliver all that can be useful at a party and out very ordinary things that we necessarily at home: beer, wine, pizza … You align your rates based on costs that you deliver and the quality of your service! But do not forget that you can take them up to the extent that you will be working at night.

4 A mini games room for children
The Hexagon encounter a major problem that we do not talk enough: lack of nurseries and other childcare facilities. The problems mainly affect cities. You engage in such activity, it is almost a guarantee of success! You may develop a small nursery and turn it into paradise for kids: games, brightly colored walls and … You’d happiness but also that of their parents! But be careful: Before rushing ahead, we advise you to inquire about various legal aspects inherent in this activity. Indeed, child care is certainly lucrative, but requires great responsibility … So be careful.

5 Custom novels
You have a good pen? Enjoy and write short novels! The originality lies in the fact customize. For example, you imagine a frame including your family or other (which for once your customers) They thus become the hero of your stories. On this model, everything imaginable: mystery novel, fiction, novel “mushy” adventure … No doubt that your books were a huge success. Feel free also to compare the prices of different printers by asking quotes … Indeed, the printing and the book layout will be the main financial expenditure …

6 family stories in a book
An activity is growing very rapidly in France summarize the story of a family in a book. Those that target is started from a simple observation: when disappear, the elderly carry with them any family history. What a pity! You also might get you started: as with the previous idea, a good pen is essential. In addition, survey work, witness statements … is mandatory. But the benefits are enormous: once written work, your potential customer concerns whole families!

7 Organize staff excursions adapted to modern times
Their mission is to strengthen team spirit and foster a sense of belonging to a group. It formerly was called the tour staff, now called Incentive. These are, for example, staff outings during which employees must be difficult to navigate their way through a maze of ropes or in which they are building together a raft defying all dangers. Equipped with compass and GPS, employees and corporate clients such as Adidas, BMW, Unilever and FIAT down the rapids in inflatable boats. The number of participants varies between 50 and 70. Each participant pays between 60 and 100 euros for a tour of half a day, and between 100 and 180 euros for a day trip. “What is positive is the fact to obtain maximum with little investment. A night in an authentic mountain refuge can not be compared to a night in a five star hotel ” . The budget is so little used. “The events with the spirit of our time. It is precisely in difficult times that we give great importance to employee motivation ” .