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Consider Ice Fountains when You Buy Fireworks Online

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If you are considering a fireworks display, you should definitely look at ice fountains. These are the type of fireworks that are placed on the ground and then spit out light in lots of directions. When you buy fireworks online that include ice fountains, you will usually have a choice of using just one color, or having colors merge into each other. The ice fountain is similar to the aerial repeater, but they only have single tube. Additionally, the effect never goes higher than 10 feet, which makes them a lot more accessible to domestic users.

Buy Fireworks Online – Understanding the Name “Ice Fountain”

A lot of people think ice fountains emit nothing but white sparkles, and that this is why they are known as “ice” fountains. However, you can also get them with green, yellow, red, or blue colors, or even a combination thereof. The real reason why they are known as “ice” fountains is because they use a cool flame.

A cool flame is what happens if you were to try to burn a $10 bill that has been bathed in alcohol. Although a waste of money, you would notice that it creates a pale blue flame. This is also the color of the flame on the ice fountain, although you would need to get quite close to spot it, something that you should never do. A cool flame is never hotter than 400 degrees, this means that they have the same heat as a regular fire, but without the huge amounts of carbon dioxide and smoke.

Ice Fountains and Safety

Because there is no smoke or CO2 associated with an ice fountain, these types of fireworks are the greenest type available. You can also use them indoors completely safely. They have low levels of heat, which means they aren’t hazardous if they are used properly. And it also means that you won’t breathe in any toxic gases.

Lots of Different Displays

Ice fountains have been designed to be incredibly beautiful and unique. Just because they are suitable for indoor use does not mean that they are boring, in other words. They come in lots of different sparkling colors, and they can also be designed to shoot what looks like real stars. They also come in larger designs, which should be used outside unless you have very high ceilings. These actually look like a fountain, spewing cool water into the air. Ice fountains, in other words, are far better than birthday candles or sparklers, but carry the same levels of safety and ease of use.

Best of all, they are truly beautiful. There is something about fireworks that gives us those “ooooh” and “ahhh” moments, and ice fountains do not disappoint in that. They can add a special touch to a celebration such as a birthday or wedding, or you could simply decide to set one off on a gloomy evening when you want to brighten the mood. Since they are also affordable, you won’t feel like you are setting money on fire.