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5 tips to protect your marriage on Facebook

Upset woman looking at a computer screenFacebook can help you find the right partner and even make your official relationship. But by revealing private details of your life, it can cause a lot of complications. Here are some tips to protect your couple perverse effects of this social network.
Cheryl Fraser, psychologist
What is the impact of Facebook on your relationship?
In my view, the Web has led to, among other things, our relationship entangled in a power dishonesty canvas. Many patients come to me for Internet problems. A man told me revealing his password to his girlfriend when she demanded. She then searched his inbox in search of evidence of its honesty. As might be expected, regardless of the information he provided him, fears his wife have never been resolved.

To be healthy psychologically, we need privacy and solitude . When we begin a monogamous relationship, we should get for that which he has there between the legs of our partner, not what there is between his ears. It is increasingly difficult in this age of information.

I once had a patient whose husband refused to grant him the status of a friend on Facebook. It machinate him the emails sent his ex-fiance pledge of honesty. Then my patient began to rummage in his mailbox. She discovered that it was changing the texts and the originals were much more intimate. His concerns were perhaps justified, not its methods.

We must maintain a delicate balance between openness and respect for privacy when it comes to social media. Here are some tips to get there.