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17 ideas to sell more and faster

prospecting-have-an-ideaThis is the dream of all sales representatives, regardless of their branch. How can you achieve this goal with your team? To control all stages of the sale, the first phone call to the signing of the contract, these tips reveal to you the ropes …

Canvassing the phone
You are not going to sell anything on that first phone call, on the contrary: it is time for you to give a description of your business and the services you offer, as well as gather information about the caller. This first contact allows you to decide whether you are going to work together. So it is for you to be insightful and identify your future customers, reminding you that it does the same to you.

Pass the first hurdle
Nowadays, this barrier is often be the responder. An effective message must establish your credibility with your potential customer, usually referring to your research or a notable event in their business. The little secret is not to mention your product or service, but rather to focus on results. In short, this is talking like a businessman, not a business.

Write a business letter
Business letters that work best are those that look for business letters. The purpose of the letter is to make you equal with your customer and highlight your good ideas and / or the value of your offer. The trick is to start the letter where the last conversation ended: “Following your remark on the phone last month, I thought of a way to …”. So you’re about to get it right the first time.

Give the customer want to come back
Your customers are not customers; your customers are partners: this site immediately the bar to a new level. And if one of your partners needs something, why not leave a part of the sales department to intervene? The question is, show its customers that your company has a moral steel regarding work, which usually results in the fact that the next time he will need this service, your customer will turn back to you.

Increase sales
To do this, take the time to ask this key question: “What my client he needs and he does not ask me?”. This is the best way to increase your sales. And if your client thinks he does not need anything, follow your intuition. Develop a project that meets the needs you think they have not made and present it to them, there is a good chance that you to make them change their minds.

Hire a good business manager
All applicants for this position have the same qualities: great energy, tenacity and competitiveness. The main mistake of businesses in this area is to hire someone who will want to change the procedure because sales do not reach the desired level. In most cases, the procedure is effective and quite functional, but it’s the person who had never used before for a sale. What the company needs is someone compatible with the proceeding or able to adapt.

Provide impeccable customer service
The secret to this is to have an immoderate trust in its employees. It is easy to say and easy to do less, unless it is part of your culture as providing excellent customer service, but the game is worth the candle. If each transaction is lined with a relationship of trust, everyone pitches in and every little effort is paying off.

Close a sale
At the end of a business discussion, the customer knows what he (or she) needs to know to make a decision. The “trick” in this situation is to ask the client to make that decision soon, “Why not try?”. Take the initiative to place the customer order at the end of a demonstration is in fact part of the commercial work. And if you do not, it’s not worth to expect a client to make the first move ..

Sell ​​when the price is the determining factor
If the price of your product is a factor, you better be ready to declare bankruptcy because that is what will happen to you. Look at what is happening now with the airlines and department stores such as Monoprix. The people in the profession have ended up doing the absolute best prices, but it is on the product purchased. To justify your prices, emphasize the extras and the image of what you offer to your customers or your difference from what exists. The recipe is to forget the price and to refocus on value.

Meet a potential client in person
It’s now or never to make a good impression. Turn off your cell phone and have nothing in your notes that does not have connection with your client. Make sure they follow you in your demonstration, show them that you listen to them and that they are to understand and respond to their comments. If your potential customer thinks that the time spent with you was useful to him, you win!

Make a good demonstration in less than five minutes
Whether you have five or fifty minutes for your demonstration, organize, always content, you adapt to the present moment and maintain a dialogue with your audience. Be sure to clearly present the basic idea of ​​the project from the beginning, and then support her up with three main points. If time is short, leave out the stories that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Exceed the sales quota
Some feel the right to relax after reaching their sales quota. But it is at this moment that you are the best. At five o’clock yet give a couple of phone calls. You treated many projects and business is good: it is the best time to go over your quota by calling some customers more. Your efforts will be more effective if you’re in the heat of the moment rather than if you just get started.

Planning your week to be as efficient as possible
Every evening, write in your diary all the people you will need to contact and all the projects that you will present the next day, to always have a specific program for the day ahead. Provide a schedule for your phone calls to reduce the time spent driving if you have to move to go to an appointment. If you write down all the details of each of each appointment until the sale is completed, this will allow you to avoid forgetting something or do it twice. So you will be updated every night of your work.

Customer loyalty
The hardest part is to get to get people’s trust. We must first build a personal relationship and trust comes next. Do not hesitate to make an effort more, communicate, make them immediately with a problem where applicable, be consistent, keep your promises, all that makes your customers feel safe with you.

Understanding your customers
Eighty-five percent of the products sold in the world are only a means to an end. For example, nobody wants to buy a computer: what interests people is to be able to quickly and easily communicate with each other in order to work more efficiently. To understand your customers, you have to wonder what their purpose is. This question once asked, you will have a whole new perspective and a better understanding of your customers.

Recontact a potential customer
Recall a potential customer after the first contact is too often underestimated initiative. Do not let your shyness you lose projects. Instead, find a reason to call the person. If you asked what their needs are, focus on a project outline and remember it to try to convince them. If you do not take the time and initiative to remind yourself, it is certainly not the customers who will.

Shorten the sales cycle
To get there, there is no secret or magic formula, just a lot of work. Sales representatives are generally hostile to ask the hard questions, such as: is this the future client has a limited budget for this project? Who decides to release funds and how is this happening? What is driving this project? If you want to shorten the sales cycle, you need to target your future clients and select carefully.