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10 innovations to conquer your customers

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Innovation is not a word that is fashionable. Actually innovation is about finding new solutions to problems and needs that exist. However, if you want to do things differently, it’s all about exploiting your imagination and find a novel to win highly competitive market approach. This is what motivated some brands that offer a business opportunity or have become a reference to a certain industry to develop innovations that deal with: the use of technology and social networks to train sales forces and show the advantages of their products to the end customer, development of new marketing channels, creating complementary concepts and mobile models to get where consumers are and to the organization of sporting events to support a cause. The creativity has been a fundamental part of the formula to achieve and maintain success of these companies that bet to innovate the way they do business. To do this, spend time, personnel and resources to research and development of effective strategies in key areas such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, etc… Thus, test new ideas in order to materialize in tools that generate better results. A clear example is Starbucks. This chain of cafes original US It is present in 61 countries around the world thanks to changes every day, staying in the top of mind of people and generating loyalty among consumers. Recently, in the Seattle area, he opened a portable tent is made with four stacked shipping containers. The branch has several advantages: it is mobile, as a truck of food, but also offers a look and a different feel. At the same time, this concept is a statement of Starbucks commitment to the environment. Basically it’s a store recycled. Outside the company motto reads: “regenerates, reuse, recycle, renew, and recover.” Then give yourself some time to inspire you with these 10 innovations that will help you love your existing customers, expand your business vision and, mainly, to conquer new potential markets.

1. Innovative training solutions Not surprisingly constant readiness of the sales force is key to increasing sales of any company. While this is the constant, what is changing is the way the information comes to vendors and end customers themselves. Sessions, social networks, tutorials on YouTube , streaming video and even apps designed for smartphones and tablets are the most currently used by brands in order to communicate the most relevant characteristics of both their products and their business strategies and resources marketing. Isagenix , multilevel US company that markets nutritional supplements, has also joined the trend. Alexander Hoffmann , president for Latin America, explained that every week out training sessions are carried at its facilities in Mexico City. Tuesday focus on their products and nutrition tips, while Thursdays are the main theme sales. All this is transmitted through the Internet via Facebook, Twitter and streaming video for those in the interior of the country. “Thus, we can reach more than 26,500 distributors that make up our national network, that number increased by 30% last year” sentence.

2. Mobile concepts Companies such as The Real Jicaleta and GogoDonuts & Coffee understood that Mexicans are capricious. Therefore, they specialized in the preparation of food and drinks to quench the craving customers with concepts whose value added is mobility. Meanwhile, Bike Caffe offers a different experience to the traditional cafes in the United States.The characteristics of these models allows them to settle in different areas depending on the flow of people. For example, if you want to target mainly children, they can be placed outside educational institutions on weekdays and on weekend’s parks. In addition, it is estimated that on average students in middle and senior level in Mexico spend up to $ 200 a week in cravings and food. One thing to consider before embarking on a shift of this nature is authorized to sell in public spaces. The requirements and costs will be determined to make the appropriate arrangements Depending on the state of the Republic in which you are,. It also calculates how long this process will take; in the Federal District it is 26 days.

3. Product usage experiences Enjoy a dinner prepared by a chef in your home it sounds like a perfect romantic date. Therefore, brands like Thermomix and Royal Prestige reproduce these experiences to woo customers with their cookware. In the case of the German company Vorwerk, creator of the Thermo mix food processor, customers request a product demonstration via its website , after finalize details of the appointment, a specialist agrees to go home to cook while the applicant explains the operation and features of the device. Similarly Royal Prestige operates, which also schedule these visits through their representatives who are located outside supermarkets and shopping malls. Eye: dealers of these brands know that the most important thing is to provide security to the client, it is necessary there is confidence that the people open the door of his house to experience that offers them.

4. New deal through multilevel Generally, the products sold under the scheme of direct selling are: supplements and food supplements, fashion, footwear and beauty. However, “think outside the box “has been the basis of success ofTequila Nock . José Pablo Rodriguez and Arturo Ortiz-his creators- dared to imagine a new sales channel for your product. “As for tequila is concerned, the domestic market is very tight due to the strong presence of the big brands. So if you really wanted to compete, had to find another channel: multilevel “says José Pablo. The results have been good. Until now they have 3,500 registered independent partners in every state of Mexico. As for internationalization plans at the moment they are in the stage of pre-registration and pre-sales in Colombia, where they already have nearly 1,000 interested in joining their business model.

5. Products at home for membership This trend is gaining strength every day between companies looking to expand their market, reaching the door of potential buyers. My CoffeeBox is a company founded on the idea of bringing coffee from Chiapas to anywhere in the world. Luis Miguel Coutinho, creator of this concept, says the procedure is simple: “Customers accessing our Web site , subscribe by paying a monthly fee and receive in your home or office a box with 500 grams of organic coffee produced by Chiapas communities “. Thus, the company has shipped its products to 20 cities in Mexico, the US and France. Another brand that uses this marketing scheme is Fancy Box . In this case, once someone subscribes receive at home a box with four or six models of cosmetics of the most important international brands. Originally it was a product designed for women, the company found a new area of opportunity and now offers boxes for men and babies.

6. Internet radio station and podcasts Omnilife, the Mexican giant that sells nutritional supplements in 18 countries in Latin America and USA, opted for a new communication channel to integrate their sales force totaling more than 5.5 million people. The goal: to create a community no matter where they are through an Internet radio station. The programming of the station consists of eight programs and podcasts where the founder and director of the company, Jorge Vergara, answer questions your salespeople. Likewise, experts in nutrition, business, technology and gadgets give tips and advice online. This strategy, in addition to increasing sales of products and encourage the development of those who are part of the Omni life network, has strengthened the ownership of the sales force. Having an Internet radio station is not as complicated as it might seem. For starters, it requires special software such as Show Cast, which is free; or HD Radio Online, which has different plans payloads, a computer with Internet access and a microphone, as well as a sandbox of sound to ensure good transmission. Please design the program from your target audience (sellers and / or end users).

7. Variety of items in vending machines or vending while vending machines are no longer new to the market, continue to offer great advantages for entrepreneurs, as to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without being present all time. What is also a fact that we have not seen its full potential? Proof of this is Japan, which represents the world’s largest market in these business models . In this country you can find a variety of products ranging from shoes to live beetles (sold as pets). While the second on this list is the United States, where the vending move around US $ 42,000 million per year. Among the variety of items offered in Latin Union are: cupcakes, cosmetics, fresh flowers, baked when pizzas and even drugs, to name a few. The American company MedBox , for example, developed and patented a system for distributing medicines requiring prescription through vending machines. Thus, with a biometric identification system (fingerprint), patients can buy their drugs without a problem. Note that the Mexican pharmaceutical market is the largest in Latin America: annual bill $ 9,300 million, according to WHO figures.

8. Alternate formats to your original business model Finding the perfect home is a major challenge in itself; while getting people to go to the point of sale implies a double effort. And if all goes well, how you meet the growing market demand without necessarily open a branch? Rodolfo Muller, founder and CEO of Hawaiian Paradise -franquicia originally from Durango, specializing in selling snow cones, smoothies and crepes, and 835 units operating in the country, found the answer in the creation of a supplementary format to the original concept for their franchisees. “Customers were so enthralled with the brand that was not enough to consume from time to time, the wanted in their events,” says the entrepreneur. Therefore, Hawaiian Paradise Mobile developed a model of low investment ($ 165,000) that can be worn to parties and meetings, including trailer and product for two months of operation. Among the products offered are: scrapes, smoothies and crepizzas.Another advantage is that the menu is tailored to each event for a wedding can be served with alcohol swabs (margaritas and martinis) and scrapings from fruit for children’s parties.

9.Organic green products and solutions According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), the growth of the organic food sector in the last ten years in Mexico went from 33.587 to 169.570 producers in 2012. These Figures show that concern about consuming natural products and certificates no longer a fad to establish itself as a whole trend. Although most of the national production goes to foreign markets, demand in the country is up 10 % last year. Therefore, cater to consumers concerned about their nutrition and health care can be a good resource to sell more. Take it into account. Another twist where new green solutions are entering with force is the automotive. Particularly in the car wash under steer. Here they include companies like Green Wash 3 and BiocarDrydedicated to selling organic products car cleaning without water. Do not forget that more and more customers are looking for products and services that do not harm the environment, and are willing to pay for it.

10. Sporting events cause Although Mexico has high rates of overweight and obesity in the population, more and more people are interested in healthy living. Hiking in the morning, go for a walk pets and night bike tours are scenes that are seen daily in major cities. Hence, some companies have used to ride this wave of well-being and health for organizing sports events (marathons, races, etc.) as a strategy to position your brand. In addition to all this we add an element of social responsibility in support to the community. Belcorp, firm that sells products by catalog for women, created its foundation 10 years ago. This has raised more than US $ 10 million earmarked for grants to ensure the education of underprivileged children from 12 Latin American countries. Most of its revenue comes from races organized in different countries. While other Avon Cosmetics is committed to health, especially for women company. Each year, the brand hosts its Crusade Against Cancer , which has achieved great results: calls for more than 10,000 women per year, those involved in career-walk. The purpose is to contribute to the prevention of breast cancer and reaffirm its leadership in turning cosmetics. Those involved in career-walk. The purpose is to contribute to the prevention of breast cancer and reaffirm its leadership in turning cosmetics. Those involved in career-walk. The purpose is to contribute to the prevention of breast cancer and reaffirm its leadership in turning cosmetics.