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Travel Tips for Europe for your Teenager


School Trip, Exchange Student and backpacking are all popular routes for teenagers to explore the many countries and opportunities in Europe. Follow some of these simple tips to maximize the fun, safety life long memories for your teen.

  • Book the trip with a credible online travel site such as Travelocity.
  • Less is often more: this applies to travel as well. Limit the number of countries on the itinerary. Your teen will more learn more about 3 countries in 10 days than attempting a new county every three days.
  • To truly experience any country in Europe, be prepared to walk, and walk and walk! Most of the cities have pedestrian zones that are typically in the oldest parts of the city where you’ll discover charming restaurants, historic churches hidden gardens. Check out Footlocker before your trip and your feet will thank you!
  • Be adventurous take public transportation to some of the outlying areas of the larger cities. You’ll escape the crowds, find hidden gems have a better chance of connecting with the locals. Plus, you’ll find some relief from the often higher prices in the city centers. The farmer’s markets that are often a novelty in the U.S., are bountiful in the small public squares all over Europe. These are wonderful places to try new produce, cheeses, breads and local drinks. Perfect for lunch on the go – not to be missed!
  • Lastly, limit your luggage! As you move from train stations to hotel, you’ll be thankful that you left that extra stack of clothes at home. Roll your items in your suitcase or duffel bag, and you’ll be able to manage a longer trip with a smaller piece of luggage. This will make getting around and changing locations so much easier.


Have fun, be adventurous and try something new each day!