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Tips For Traveling With Money

traveling with money

Traveling with cash can be a dangerous thing to do. Even if you don’t pass a pickpocket on your adventures, you could easily drop some cash when digging through your wallet. Even without cash you still run the risk of having your purse or wallet stolen.

This is why it is important to make sure that your money is protected, no matter where you are traveling to. You need to keep it safe when it is both on and off your person, like in your hotel room. Here are some tips for traveling safer with money.

Use Credit Cards

Instead of taking cash on vacation with you use credit. Credit cards are far more convenient, most places take them, and you always have the option of getting some cash out of an atm if someone doesn’t take them. Also, if you have credit cards that give you rewards, you could be earning points for future vacations or shopping trips by using your card for everything.

Get A Bank Debit

Don’t want to rack up credit card debt on your travels but have money in the bank for your trip? Make sure you have a debit card from your bank or credit union. It works just like a credit card, swipe to pay, but the money comes from money you already have so you don’t have a bill to pay later.

Not all credit cards will let you get cash advances from an atm, but your debit card always will (as long as you have the funds available).

Hide Your Cash

If you must carry cash with you, maybe because you don’t have a debit or credit card, you need to keep it in a well-concealed place. It also helps to not keep all of your money in one place. Instead of keeping it in a wallet or purse, which are the first things a thief will grab for, keep it in coat pockets, smaller pant pockets, or other more hidden places.

Even in your hotel room, you want to keep any money that’s not on you hidden somewhere, or just keep it all on you. While you’d hope the hotel had employees that wouldn’t steal, that isn’t always the case.

Keep A List Of Cards And Card Info

One last important thing to do when it comes to your money and traveling is to keep a list of all of your credit cards, maybe stashed in your car. Have only your last 4 digits of the account, expiration date, and the number to call if it is lost or stolen. Keep this where you can get at it, like in a secret compartment in your suitcase, just in case of card theft. You want to be able to cancel them as quick as possible before the thief has a chance to use them.