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The Grand Canyon’s Most Interesting Areas


The Grand Canyon is, unquestionably, one of the most breathtaking sights in the entire world. Located in Arizona in North America, this epic canyon is a staggering 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and has a depth of over a mile. It is contained within the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park and is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World – this makes it a must-see for any nature lover or adventure seeker, with companies like Trek America offering activity holidays in the park.

Here are the three most interesting spots in Grand Canyon National Park to uncover:

Mather Point Overlook

Arriving at the South Entrance, the visitor centre is a fantastic place to start as here you can learn about the history of the area, view a map of the park and speak to staff about the best places to visit and the different hikes to take. From here, you can reach the brilliant Mather Point Overlook which provides outstanding views of the Grand Canyon from big viewing areas that stretch out into the canyon.

The Rim Trail

Access this spectacular trail from Mather Point, which takes you on an incredible 13-mile walk which follows the rim and takes you from South Kaibab Trailhead to Hermit’s Rest. It provides lovely views the entire way and is a relatively flat and easy walk which shows the South Rim’s best attractions – be sure to bring your camera. As a lengthy trail, you can expect plenty of variety along the way, including long secluded stretches where you can really appreciate the stunning beauty of the area. The Rim Trail is one of the more popular trails and for good reason, but you can find plenty of peace and quiet along the way and in-between the major lookout points.

Havasu Falls

Away from the crowds and somewhat of a hidden gem, Havasu Falls is a mesmerising desert oasis with turquoise pools of water and gushing waterfalls – this creates a magical and surreal atmosphere that not many people get to experience. It can be challenging to reach the falls, but it is well worth the time and effort. It is around a 10-mile hike from the Hualapai Hilltop and just south of the Indian Reservation. The hike is too challenging for one day, so you will need to camp overnight to complete it.

The awe-inspiring Grand Canyon has many wonderful places to visit and everybody will have their own unique experiences, but the above three places are a few of the more interesting places that will give you amazing views and show you just how vast and beautiful this natural wonder really is.