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Springfield – Indianapolis


Today will be a day that will surely remember for the various events that will happen, but in any case will always travel experiences on the road, on the one hand also divergent. proceed in order, we are already at 7 in the car to Lincoln’s Tomb , where is the tomb of the president, located in Oak Ridge Cemetery, here there is also a statue with his face, where tourists luck rub the nose of Lincoln. in center where we visit the center and Old State Capitol, on the square Central, the capital of Illinois is nice and quiet, but unfortunately we do not have much time to devote and then leave again, but before leaving the city, we still want to go to Shear’s Gas Station, a special museum service stations Bill Shear, has become a celebrity for the many visitors from all over the monde. Soon 9:30 am, but here everything is still closed, the sign indicates how strange opening hours 8, we ask for a little ‘around, but nothing this morning Bill was asleep, then we are content with a few photos from the outside and leave again for Indianapolis. Arriviamo around 14 am local time and immediately visit the museum inside, here there are lots of racing cars that raced in the famous circuit and not those who have won the famous 500 miles, we sign the guestbook of the museum and inform us on the tour circuit with the van, but unfortunately is not available, too bad.
So take some pictures from the adjacent hills and we just have to again, after eating quacks. The roadmaps then we make a quick stop in Gary in Indiana photo to the birthplace of Michael Jackson and we continue to Joliet in Illinois, from the famous prison that begins the movie The Blues Brothers. Here we have a problem with the car and we can not continue, so we call for a breakdown of the National, the phone call lasted about half an hour between expectations and jingle, and tell us that within an hour you get the wagon attrezzi. Dupo hour and a half finally he arrives, but then when we explain that we are headed to the airport in Chicago, they tell us that they are not allowed to take and must call another tow truck, which would arrive within mezzo. Passion over an hour and a half and we do not see


anyone coming, are now 22.30 and we begin to notice strange turns in the area, needless to call again the National, so we are forced to call the 911.Poco after arriving two police patrols, in which we explain the problem, one of them is of Italian origin, kindly offered to call the rental company, but here all of a sudden we hear gunshots, in practice a few hundred meters of the gang in the area you were shooting, we realize now the situation, the Police called for reinforcements and explains that this area is quite dangerous and full of crime, there are arms trafficking and drogue. Been could not stop in a better place, in the end the policeman does put on record that the National tells us to leave machine open them ‘where it is and put the keys under the mat, they would come to pick her up the next day !! And then we will move due to sign the papers the next day!!! What??? And we? I ask the Policeman, mica sleep here?? So kindly called a taxi and stay with us for safety until it arrives, explaining that surely in a few hours the machine will have disappeared at the hands of someone in the area.
$ 75 taxi to ‘ airport, even if it’s one in the morning I want to immediately solve the problem, surely, do not come back to the national day for them. National office get quite angry at how they treated us, we do call the manager and begin to discuss, in the end I do refund money of the taxi, and I agree that the next day will not come back here to sign any documents for the deposit of ‘auto. Acquistiamo the metro ticket and with just one call us get from our hotel, the day really exhausting, so we go to bed. Partial Mg: 404.7 Mg Total: 3103 Hotel Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown E Ohio St Chicago Rating 8/10