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Some Most Famous Music Festivals That Attract Tourists


Music festivals try to create an ambiance and an atmosphere of its own. Each music festival has devoted its energy into defining itself as an individual entity. So, visitors attend these festivals not purely for the music, but for the experience. For music enthusiasts, summer marks the beginning of the truly busiest music fest season worldwide and there are countless festival options. However, some of the most popular festivals may take place in the fall and even winter months.

If you observe the fest scene you would notice that most of the music fests have been around for quite some time and the ticket prices are going up with each passing year. Despite that the tickets sell out easily and incredibly faster than the previous year. This is attributed to deep craze and major demand for music fests. Even smaller fests are trying to make an impact on the minds of the music aficionados. Check out the guide for EDM festivals.

Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas can be compared to no other place in the world. On the very first day you would be mesmerized by the truly incredible 1.21-gigawatt splendor of the place. On the second day you would be going totally crazy with the never-ending delectable buffets, jackpot chimes and free flowing booze. Electric Daisy Carnival is held on the outskirts of the town and is located the Motor Speedway. You would find a VIP FERRIS WHEEL and you could see helicopters shuttling in high rollers. The fans are completely soaked in spray tan and MDMA. There is an absolutely electrifying ambiance with possibly the best nightclub DJs in town. The mood lighting and the stimulating music are enough to make this a memorable experience.

Coachella Music and Arts Festival, California, USA

Coachella is renowned for bringing together some of the stalwarts in the music industry for crowds estimated to be of more than 75,000 people. However, in recent times Coachella is in the limelight and is being acknowledged and appreciated for its eco-friendly efforts, products, programs and recycling. The event is known to feature some of the most innovative eco-friendly products such as the cell phone chargers powered by bikes and DJ booths powered by solar energy. The ten day long music fest is jointly being organized with a non-profit organization called Global Inheritance. Browse through creative times guide on rock concert for more information.

This organization focuses primarily on educating people about various environmental issues that are impacting the Earth, in an ingenious and creative manner. Moreover, Coachella has been implementing some programs such as Energy See Saw that enables users to get their phones charged, while have a rollicking time on the see saw. Ethanol Popcorn is very much in vogue in Coachella. Tour de Energy, allows visitors to use bikes that help in charging their electronic devices while they are pedaling.

The Great Escape, Brighton UK.

This is a picturesque seaside location on the south coast of England. You could listen to some of the fresh talents in the current music scenario. It is a hardcore entertainment for the masses and a great platform for looking for new recruits for the music industry. During a weekend every May Brighton gets all set for this fantastic music event. The nightclubs and pubs are all revamped and the entire hospitality community steps up all its activities. This event could be called a treasure hunt, not just a music fest. It is all about loads of fun, frolic and frenzy.

Author Bio: Jonathon Mathews is a travel writer and has been traveling widely not only because his job demands it, but because he has a passion for traveling to new places. Music is another of his favorite things and he recommends the readers to check out the guide for EDM festival.