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Rock City – Incline Railway – Ruby’s Fall

rock city

After a hearty breakfast, we leave the Motel we go to market to buy something for lunch, we make gasoline and head to Rock City, which is just a few km from Chattanooga but in the state of Georgia, so take the opportunity and make the photos.
We arrive in the parking lot of the rock city, and buy the package that includes Lookout Mountain Incline Railway and Ruby Falls all at $ 44, and start the tour. Rock City
is a long convoluted path in the rock surrounded by several gardens, in fact, we see hundreds of trees and plants labeled with their names.
All the way and well defined by signs and reach other strange rock formations such as the 1,000 tons of rock called Balanced Rock and the Fat Man’s, a narrow passage between the rocks, which the Instead of the name is not really suitable tonnages of some Americans.
rock city2

We proceed with two other sections that are the caves Fairyland and Mother Goose Village, are caves decorated with sculptures, and interpretations of comics, then moved from the waterfall just below the Lover’s Leap, the panoramic point, where on a clear day, you can see up to 7 states.
Let our photos and we continue for the next attraction, the Incline Railway a few miles from here, in Chattanooga, we park the car in the shade and wait for the turn.
The Incline Railway is nothing more than an inclined rail that carries passengers to the toe to this mountain, about 1.5 km along this track is unique except for a short stretch in the central part, thus allowing the operation of two cars, has a maximum gradient of 73%, the steepest railway in the world.
At the top we enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city and the Tennessee River, we wait for the next train coming down and we return from our car for lunch, and then head to near Ruby’s Fall. Here we go with a lift in the caves where begins a journey with a guide that shows us the different formations and stories of these caves. The tour ends with a real waterfall located at the end of the main hallway, and the water falls in a vertical shaft of large
Size, all surrounded by background music and light the falls.
Below the temperature is very fresh and in any case, the guide warns us not to drink the water because it contains and so it is very much magnesium laxative …
It takes a little ‘tail lift that takes us to the surface and start with destination Nashville, trying to make a stop at the distillery George Nickel, to see if it’s available on tour, the sin ‘One day there is just on Monday.
Once in Nashville, we begin to try to sleep, and we run into a strange motel where the manager to convince us to stay, showing us the room and turn on the television blaring to show us that there are channels free hard, the scene here is really fun, I salute you and find a peaceful Motel on the cheap with the TV with normal channels.
We go out for dinner and ride on Broadway, where it is chock full of local fantastic playing live music, we will turn a couple, a few beers and go back in the motel.

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