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Package Holiday accidents in the European Union

Package Holiday accidents

Europe has really opened up since the fall of communism, and with the EU countries opening their borders, allowing for unrestricted travel, package holidays in the EU are on the rise. Should you suffer an injury while holidaying in a European Union country, you are covered by your UK package holiday insurance, providing it can be ascertained that your tour operator, or any of their representatives, were negligent in their duties, and you were not a contributory factor.

Consult the experts

For more information on making holiday insurance claims, visit, where a team of legal experts can assist you with any queries about claiming on package holiday insurance. They operate on a no- win-no-fee system, so you have nothing to lose by checking to see if you qualify.

Package convenience

The main attraction of a package holiday is that all is arranged, leaving the tourist free to enjoy the experience. The problem is, many of the things we do while on holiday are not covered by the compulsory insurance package that tour operators must provide. So, in order to clear up any confusion, here are a few guidelines.

Tour operator liability

Any activity that is organised and provided by your tour operator is covered by their package holiday insurance. Apart from arranging your flights and accommodation, the tour provider is responsible for transfers to and from the airport, so in the event of a traffic accident during a transit journey, as the transport was provided by the tour company, they are liable.

The fine line of liability

Of course, not everything you decide to partake in will be arranged by the tour company, so remember, in these cases, you should have some private insurance that covers every eventuality. There should be representatives of your package holiday provider on hand during the trip, so you can simply ask whether a particular activity lies within their responsibility.

Be prepared

Having an accident in a European country while on holiday can cost a lot of money, with hospital treatment, and the curtailment of the trip, and flying home. If the worst should happen, remember the following,

  • Inform your travel agent immediately – Provide clear information about the details of the incident that led to your injury.
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident.
  • Take the names and addresses of any witnesses – Vital if there is any dispute as to liability.
  • Keep all receipts and documentation related to the incident, including any extra transport costs you might incur.
  • Keep all medical bills and photocopy them.

Special care

Holidays tend to make us a little less cautious than we would normally be, with a strange culture and language to deal with, it is natural to just go along with things, yet this can lead to a situation arising where an accident is more likely to occur. Keep your feet firmly on the ground, and if you think that a particular activity is a bit too risky, politely decline, as your health and well-being are more important than a temporary thrill.