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Need to Give Your Restaurant an Edge This Summer? Here’s How


Heatwaves are occurring across the globe, and so, people are heading out to sit in beer gardens, unwind in air-conditioned cafes, and dine out on a restaurant’s terrace or patio. With these extreme heats making us swelter, and beg for ice cream and cool refreshments, it would be crazy of the hospitality industry not to profit from this demand.

If you’re a restaurateur, this is an optimal opportunity for you to give your restaurant an edge. Who knows, your restaurant may become a trendsetter, with foodies and Instagrammers queueing to see what it is you’re offering, and what makes it so unmissable. Make sure your restaurant becomes the biggest attraction this summer.

Molecular Menus

In today’s society, customers want unique, mind-blowing aesthetics and tastes. They want to take photos and share images of perfectly captured foods and drinks online, hoping to join the exclusive circle of food bloggers. Therefore, your restaurant will need to think long and hard about the food and drinks you’re serving. Sit down and discuss the unusual options which are viable to your staff such as molecular mixology and gastronomy.

Molecular gastronomy and mixology is the incorporation of science when developing food and drink; it’s no easy task, but the outcome will have customers returning for more surprising varieties, and beautifully presented meals.

Examples of molecular mixology are cocktails served in an ice sphere, incredibly uniform and precise layered drinks, and cocktail gels which can be picked up and chewed. For molecular gastronomy, you can experiment with foams, gelification, and transformation (edible sand, olive oil powder).

A molecular menu is both fun and refreshing, ideal for cooling your customers off after a long day’s work. Ensure to experiment with ice cream and ice-based drinks during warm summer days, and purchase commercial ice makers & commercial ice machines, if you haven’t already done so. You could further experiment with incorporating ice cream into a starter or main. Crazy? Maybe. Restaurants are already doing it though, and it’s working out well.

Raw Foods

The majority of people are watching their waistlines, hitting the gym, and posting their fitness goals online so everyone can watch their progress. With the increase in obesity numbers, this new health craze was long overdue, and so restaurants are having to adapt to the millennials new lifestyles, as many more people are becoming vegetarian, vegan, or adopting the raw diet lifestyle.

The raw diet, is perfect for summertime. The idea behind this movement is that heating the food destroys nutrients and natural enzymes, and so the raw items on your menu can be refreshing in high temperatures and humid climates. The raw food can be served both cold or slightly warm – as long as it isn’t taken above 118 degrees.

While some people may mock this food ‘craze,’ you can draw in a whole new customer base, while preparing delicious foods which are refreshing and cool. Raw food doesn’t limit your menu to salads, in fact it’ll boost your creativity. There are plenty of recipes out there, such as raw pistachio salted caramel slices, lime matcha cheesecake, and raw Japanese-inspired nori rolls.

During the summer months, make sure to adapt your menu according to the temperatures outside. Try something new – whether it’s décor, the menu, or a change in opening times. Give your restaurant the edge that’ll have you sprawled across food blogs.