Nashville | mumble in the jungle



Today is again a beautiful day and now we have become accustomed to the humid heat and leave again as always on time, 7:30 alarm clock, and breakfast and at 8 we leave the motel, towards the city center to find some parking on the cheap.
Grotto yet for Broadway Avenue, the main street of Nashville that bisects the downtown area, on it are the most important clubs and major tourist attractions, and during the day all the various shops are open for shopping.
Being close to center we head on foot to The Country Music Hall of Fame , the building from the outside is very nice in practice takes the form of a low key, with windows that reflect the configuration of the notes of a piano
take the normal ticket without audio guide at the price of $ 22 and start the visit, this museum has a collection of all the history and traditions of country music, we see in a Cadillac of Elvis, several music videos at the time and several sections devoted to the singers, past and current and all the different gold records and platinum of all the singers.
The visit is interesting and we spend a few hours in the museum listening to music and reading the various stories of these singers, we leave the museum at lunchtime and we go to lunch by Sbarro, and then saw that the Grand Ole is closed until October due to the recent flooding let’s jump to the Ryman Auditorium . Being in the center we make a detour to two blocks west of downtown in an area called Printers Alley.

A narrow lane famous for its night life since the ’40s, but in practice there is nothing if not two and a night bar.
We move further north in Victory Park, where we wander between the Tennessee State Library and the capitol, but we note that is clouding over and the weather does not bode well, then we go to recover the car and go to Centennial Park, where stands a replica of the Pantheon, we can barely make out some shots that began to rain, so we stopped in, where there is a small museum and a small shop and wait for the end of time.
The time does not seem to improve, recovered the car a bit ‘drenched we decided to go in the West End, within which is located on Music Row , home to the record companies, agents, managers and everything that revolves around the industry of country music in Nashville.
Back at the motel, we are preparing the last night here in Nashville, we visit the famous Wild horse Saloon, a room where you can eat, listen to the country where you are involved and on track to dance.
The restaurant is really nice and do with cows and horses fake sat in the bar, and with a large stage where alternate also groups for play, pass essentially all evening here, we do a little ‘late, but neither is worth it. Mg partial: 27.6 Mg Total: 2079.3 Howard Johnson 2306 Brick Church Pike Nashville Rating: 6.5 / 10