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Make Sure You Check out the Gredos Center if You Study Abroad in Spain


If you want to study abroad in Spain, and particularly if your area of study is science, then it is important that you choose a location that is beautiful and interesting in its natural environment. In Spain, the Gredos Center is probably the best place to go to, therefore. This will give you the opportunity to learn everything about lichen studies, as well as an underwater survey. Specifically, you will learn how the food chain works by seeing it directly, and you will learn how humanity as a whole impacts the environment.

The Gredos Center focuses on learning about and in the natural environment. The aim is for students to learn by being immersed in subjects, interacting directly with their subject matter, rather than reading about it in books. It is found at the Sierra de Gredos Nature Park, so do make sure you also visit this beautiful nature reserve. The Center also offers numerous excursions that are both fun and education.

A Trip to Avila

If you really want to learn about the natural environment during your study abroad trip, then you should also visit Avila, a small town in the middle of the country, close to the Gredos Center. The town is often called the “city of stones and saints” as it supposedly has the greatest number of Gothic and Romanesque churches per capita in Spain. Avila has been inhabited since the 5th century BC, when the Vettones occupied it. In the 11th century, the town itself was officially founded. St. Teresa was born here.

When in Avila, make sure that you also visit the cathedral. Construction started in 1107 AD. There are also lots of museums to visit, as well as the Basilica de San Vincente. Avila is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and simply wondering around it will allow you to get a real feel and appreciation for its history and beautiful architecture. There are also nine gates and 82 towers of medieval fortifications to enjoy. Nowhere else in Spain are such fortifications still found.

A Trip to Madrid

If you want to spend a little bit of time in a modern, lively city as well during your study trip, then make sure you go to Madrid. This is where the old and the new perfectly blends together. You can go to ancient markets or walk the so-called “Golden Triangle of Art”, visiting three of the world’s most famous museums. You can then go shopping and enjoy the modern amenities that the city offers as well. Again, make sure you appreciate the architecture in Madrid as well. And, if you have enough time, you can learn about things such as how the city has changed over the course of history, view the many churches, or learn all about literature.

Studying in Spain is an experience that will shape you for the rest of your life. You are guarantee dto enjoy every moment of it.