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Los Angeles

the doors

Let San Diego with direction Los Angeles, but before we can not leave without bathe in the ocean and then we spend a few hours on the beach in Mission Beach and San Diego State Beach and a beach called Black Beach conciliation by a pair of boys Milan.
We proceed towards LA and we stop in front of the most famous amusement park in the world “Disneyland” in Anaheim just outside Los Angeles, where we do some photos but not enter, given the short time available.
We go to Los Angeles to the 15 the afternoon in full chaos of traffic and try on our skin the famous code of machines seen many times on television on the streets of LA.
Once in motels anyway we still have plenty of time to ride in the Walk of Fame between the various stars and footprints of star at Mann’s Chinese Theater.

Partial Miles: 147 Total miles: 3075 Motel 6 Los Angeles 1738 N WHITLEY AVE HOLLYWOOD, California Rating: 6.5 / 10

Day dedicated to Universal Studios,
we start immediately with a flight simulation with the parachute to Filly Hollywood in Universal City Walk, and fun virtually a very strong jet of air in a glass cylinder emulates a flight with a parachute.
We enter the studios with tickets already purchased on line time before choosing the ticket… coca Front of line that will prove important, as even if the ticket costs almost twice allows you to do virtually no queue for the attractions and have reserved seats in the show.
Before we do the classic tour driven by train through the various sets of films seeing the location of Fast & Furious, the Shark Desperate Housewives, Psycho unfortunately we can not see the set of Back to the Future with the famous clock tower because it was destroyed in the fire of a few months before.
Then we dedicate ourselves practically to entertainment attractions like Shriek, Jurassic Park, The Mummy, The Simpson’s, and we see some kind of shows where we see the use of special effects (explosions and fires).
We have fun a lot and we get to 18 exhausted so we return to the motel for a little ‘rest and then go out at night.

Motel 6 Los Angeles
HOLLYWOOD, California
Rating: 6.5 / 10