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Ideas for a 2015/16 Sporting Holiday

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For some people, a holiday should be strolling along the beach, sunbathing and relaxing by the pool with a drink in their hand. But this type of laid-back holiday isn’t for everyone, and the number of people who base their holidays around major sporting events is gradually increasing.

For example, earlier in the year many people decided to head to France for their holiday, taking in the Tour De France as part of their trip. Similarly, thousands of people headed to Brazil for the last World Cup; combining an incredible sporting spectacle with a wonderful holiday destination.

So what’s coming up in 2015/16 for the sport loving travel enthusiast?

18 September – 31 October 2015: Rugby World Cup, England

What better place to start than the 2015 Rugby World Cup? The third biggest sporting event in the world, the RWC takes place over 13 counties and delivers over a month of some of the best sport you’re likely to find anywhere in the world. The UK is also a beautiful place to visit with an astonishing number of things to do for travellers, and if you already live in the UK, what better way to discover some of the places you haven’t visited? The real beauty of this tournament is that you can follow the competition around the country, visiting some of the UK’s biggest tourist destinations, as well as some lesser-known places. If you’d like to find out more about the competition and all the counties and stadiums hosting matches, check out this fantastic infographic on the 2015 RWC from Grassform.

11 October 2015: F1 Russian Grand Prix, Sochi

If you missed the chance to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities during the 2014 Winter Olympics, then why not grab the chance to visit during one of the best races in the Formula 1 season. F1 is certainly one of those sports you need to experience live, as you just can’t get a feel of the noise, atmosphere and entertainment by watching it on TV. Combine this with a trip to Sochi and an opportunity to see the legacy of the Winter Olympics, and you’ve got a fantastic option for a short break.

3 November 2015: Melbourne Cup, Victoria

If you’re a fan of horse racing, then you’d no doubt jump at the chance to be at the Melbourne Cup, which takes place in the beautiful Victoria, Australia. The land down under is a dream destination for many people as it is, so visiting this beautiful country to see one of the world’s premier horse racing events would surely be a holiday few of us would turn down.

18 January – 31 January 2016: Australia Open, Melbourne

If horse racing isn’t your thing you can still take a sporting trip to Australia to watch the tennis; specifically the Australia Open in the beautiful city of Melbourne. The beauty of travelling to watch this tournament is that it lasts nearly two weeks, meaning you can dip in and out over the course of a long holiday (and let’s face it, most of us won’t be travelling all the way to Australia for a short break). You’ll also get to see some of the best athletes on Earth playing a true spectator sport – a perfect option if Wimbledon is just a little to prone to rain for your liking.

7 February 2016: Super Bowl, California

This really should be high on the list of any big sports fan, as the Super Bowl represents one of the biggest single sporting events in the world. In 2016, the legendary game will take place in Santa Clara, California, which just happens to be an incredibly beautiful city in one of America’s most popular states for travellers. Once the game’s finished, you’ll have Sacramento and San Francisco just a short drive away, and if you’re there for a while you can take a road trip and visit LA or San Diego, or even head just across the state border to Las Vegas.

11 March – 3 April 2016: ICC World Twenty20, India

If cricket is more your thing, then why not take a trip to the beautiful country of Inida for the fast paced and hugely entertaining ICC World Twenty20 tournament, which takes place over 3 weeks in March and April. A fantastic time of year to visit India (as it will be warm without being prohibitively hot), this is an cricket fan’s dream.

10 June – 10 July 2016: Euro 2016, France

We couldn’t write a post like this without including what is possibly the world’s most popular sport, football. The 2016 European Championships (or Euro’s as it’s often called) will be hosted by France, and gives sports fans an incredible opportunity to watch one of football’s biggest spectacles whilst travelling around one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. France offers a huge amount to tourists, whether you’re in the north or the sunny south, and whilst the Euro’s aren’t the World Cup, there’s very few sporting tournaments that can match the passion, drama and skills on display at a European Championship.

Whatever you decide to do for your next holiday, if you’re a sports fan you should put some real consideration into combining your chosen sport with a luxury holiday – in terms of holiday memories and experiences, it really can’t get any better.