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Grand Canyon

grand canyon

We are leaving again for another holiday of the Grand Canyon must make several stops along the way that comes from Cameron x see the views of the Canyon of the Little Colorado.
Then we get into the Grand Canyon from the Desert View and then continue for several View Point: Navajo Pt; Lipan Pt; Tuyasan Ruin and Museum; Moran Pt; Grandview Pt; Yaki Pt; Mother Pt; Yavapai Observation Pt and Pt.
From each of these views is sublime and near Yaki Point do a small part of South Kaibab Trail that goes down to the bottom of the canyon.
We arrive at our lodge the Yavapai to a stop and we share to the Grand Canyon Village where we venture into the Bright Angel Trail, a path down to the bottom of the canyon, we will face only the first part because it would be impossible to carry out the entire trail in one day because even the ascent is quite steep.
And now evening and we head to the south exit to go to enjoy a nice steakhouse in a really nice restaurant in Tusayan.

Partial Miles: 180 Total miles: 2246

Next Day

After breakfast we head to the west side of the Grand Canyon exactly the Hermits Rest Route, which is unfortunately closed for renovation (but we already knew that) and we are content to make a small trail to Trail view Overlook where you can see very well the Bright Angel trail that descends to the Indian Gardens and the bottom of the canyon.
A little ‘sorry not to be able to go further back in Tusayan and we will book a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in the afternoon, with a tour called Imperial lasting about 45 minutes Company Papillion.
The helicopter excursion repay us for everything and we can admire the majesty of the landscape comfortably seated on the vehicle equipped with air conditioning and driving, with music of Ennis Morrison.
Let’s go back into the park and we decide to go around with the train Grand Canyon, but this time the choice reflects not just our tastes, pretty much a journey of an hour or 40 km / h in the middle of forests. A total disappointment.

Miles partial: 27 Total miles: 2,273 Yavapai Lodge Grand Canyon National Park Arizona Rating: 6.5 / 10