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Five Unique Vacation Destinations to Visit This Summer


If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your summer vacation and you’re tired of the same old destinations, then you’re likely ready to step outside your comfort zone. There are a number of beautiful, intriguing, interesting, and unique destinations well worth visiting this summer. Here’s a look at five stand-out locations.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Canada is well-known for its vast beauty, and while many flock to the areas of British Columbia and Ontario, the province of Quebec also has its own hidden gems. Among them is Mont Tremblant, which is set right within the Laurentian Mountains, which are northwest of the city of Montréal. While this area is well-known as a ski-resort village, what many are surprised to find is that it offers year-round activities.

During the summer, you’ll be able to browse the quaint village to shop and dine at various stops, check out art studios, enjoy various spas, and even set sail on various scenic boat cruises. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are activities like hiking, cycling, zip lining, horseback riding, alpine luge, swimming, golf, and plenty more. As for where you can stay, the Chateau Beauvallon is a beautiful property centrally located near all the activities and action.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

For those who enjoy luxurious and posh destinations, it’s hard to beat what Dubai has to offer. While relatively new to the scene as a “hot” destination, Dubai has created quite the buzz for itself. Here you’ll find luxury hotels, modern buildings and cityscape surrounded by the dessert, shopping that features all the top designers, and non-stop activities.

Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Europe is always a popular destination, especially during the warm summer months. If you’re looking for a city that offers a bit of everything – history, culture, incredible sightseeing, dining, and shopping – then Amsterdam is the place to go. It’s here you’ll find the famous Van Gogh Museum and the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. Other notable attractions include the Royal Palace, the Anne Frank Huis, and the Amsterdam Museum.

Bora Bora

If it’s an exotic destination you’re after, the island of Bora Bora, located in the South Pacific, is well worth considering. This island is known for offering tranquil and relaxing escapes, and because you’re surrounded by lush natural beauty, it’s a great way to put the hustle and bustle behind you. For those who enjoy scuba diving, there are plenty of places to explore in the lagoon which is protected by a natural coral reef.

Reykjavik, Iceland

For those who have no fear of stepping outside of their comfort zone, Reykjavik could be the perfect destination. Not only is there almost 24 hours of daylight during the summer months, you can also explore all kinds of natural wonders here. The volcano tour is a well-known attraction for tourists as is the whale-watching tours.

No matter which destination you choose this summer, one thing is for sure: all are unique. So, you really can’t go wrong.