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Catch the Travel Bug and Improve on your Health


People travel for various reasons, some travel because they need to do it for their work, some travel for leisure, while some travel to fulfill some kind of religious obligation. Whatever your reason, travelling is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and to have many new and interesting adventures and experiences. It is also a great way to make new memories that will last a lifetime. They say travel expands the mind of a person and brings on a general increase in personal happiness and satisfaction. Indeed, studies show that individuals who travel have better mental and psychological health as compared to non-travelers.

If you are not yet convinced to pack up those bags and go on an adventure. I will mention a few reasons why you should integrate travel into your lifestyle;

  1. Travel boosts your immune system

Studies have shown that due to the exposure to different environments, your body starts to create stronger antibodies. These antibodies greatly boost your immune system. When you travel to different places and get exposed to the different bacteria, your body tends to adapt itself to these bacteria and therefore results in a significant boost for the immune system of the individual. Although one should always strive to keep clean and maintain high hygiene standards as they travel, exposure to bacteria is always inevitable. This exposure can turn out to be your best ally.

  1. Travelling decreases your risk of heart disease

According to a recent study done in the United States by the department of health, travel has been shown to greatly reduce the risk to heart disease. The results of this study show that women who travelled every six years or less had a higher risk of developing heart disease as compared to women who traveled twice a year or more. In addition, men who did not take an annual vacation were shown to have a twenty percent higher risk of heart disease as compared to their counterparts who engaged in annual travel.

  1. Travelling helps you keep fit

People who are frequent travelers are generally fitter than those who stick to daily routine and do not travel. When you are on vacation, you tend to be more willing to engage in physical exercise that you would have shun in different circumstances. Travel therefore keeps you fit and improves on your general and overall health.

As seen, travel and health go hand in hand. When you travel to a different environment you should be well aware that although it is extremely beneficial to your health, you should always maintain caution. There are various diseases that one can contract due to exposure to viruses. Kits such as the zika virus test kit were created for this purpose. They can detect the presence of viruses in your body well before symptoms appear thereby giving you high chances to ward off a bad outcome. Such kits are a great way to ensure that you are well protected and exercise extreme caution in order to safely enjoy your travels.

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Florence De Gear is an ardent traveler who goes on more than five travel adventures annually. She is also a great fan of the zika virus test kit which has significantly improved on her confidence to continue in her adventures, ever since the latest WHO alerts.