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Cape Girardeau – Sainte Genevieve


Today is a busy day, we want to get to St. Louis in the evening and have a few stops along the way, so now we are already in good standing and we are already on the road to 7.
The first stop is in Paducah in Kentucky, but there He says little or nothing, we find only a tree carved depicting a Red Indian and continue to Metropolis in Illinois, the city of Superman .There are several references to the superhero, like a statue on the square in front of the courthouse and in the main street, we do due photographs and continue to Cape Girardeau in Missouri, where we can admire the Missouri Wall of Fame , which is housed in a 150-meter stretch of the Mississippi River Flood Wall, where they honored 45 great originating in Missouri on a mural, including Calamity Jane.
We are quite in time and then we make a detour to Chester in Illinois, the city of Popeye, here near the bridge over the Mississippi in Elzie Segar Memorial Park, there is the bronze statue of the famous Popeye in honor of its creator Elzie Segar .Ritorniamo on track, and we stop for lunch in Sainte Genevieve , Missouri, a former Anvil Saloon restaurant where we eat really well recently prezzo. Giriamo a bit ‘to this small town, which happens to be the oldest city in Missouri known for summer parties and the historic country houses, and the square paved with bricks. We are almost a hundred kilometers from St. Louis, we stop to refuel and spend even two attractions we had noticed on Internet, the first is a huge human eye, the second, in front of a shop of shoes, a huge woman’s shoe with heel, made entirely of scrape. Vista that we are in the area we try to go to the museum’s Route 66, but we come later unfortunately closed at 16.30, we will do it tomorrow.
Arriving in St. Louis we go looking for some motel, cheaper ones are very out of hand, and in the end we choose for an American Best Inn, located right in the center near the Gateway Arch. Eskimo for dinner in the center, then cross the Jefferson Memorial for a taste of the famous St. Louis Arch enlightened, who will visit tomorrow, then go back to the motel, today was quite tiring, between the alarm, the heat and the many touching km Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. Mg. Partial 424.5 Mg Total: 2503.8 America Best Inn North 3rd Street St. Louis Rating: 5/10