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Cape Girardeau – Sainte Genevieve


This morning breakfast here on America Best Inn is quite poor, there is only a bit of coffee and some pastries, arrange your luggage in the car and head on foot towards the Gateway Arch, we had already booked the visit ten days First, to avoid unnecessary queues or better to risk finding sold out, and we set the visit at 8.40.
We arrived about 15 minutes before, usually check bags and then we head to the basement, where we climb up through the small cabins at the end of arc, at a height of 630 feet, about 192 matrices. IL view is beautiful and really makes impression be that high in a kind of wide corridor a few meters and see everything from the small windows.
We’re here about a dozen minutes, time to take some pictures and enjoy the view and then we are invited to take cabs to go down.
Let’s still about an hour in the history museum which is located under the arch and then return from the motel check out, we fill our fridge Styrofoam with ice, to 12 have the tour of the factory Anheuser-Busch and then we still have time to see the Walk of Fame, located in the neighborhood of University Loop, on the sidewalk of Isolated 6200-6600 Del Mar. Boulevard, have different stars dedicated to all musical artists including Chuck Berry.
Otherwise the neighborhood is fairly anonymous and therefore we approach towards the settlement of Budweiser beer, stopping by Subway for a sandwich.
The cost of the tour is to $ 25, booking we had sent an email a week before, give us cap, goggles and a headset connected to the accident prevention guide microphone.
The plants is really huge, there is shown the whole process for the production of beer and visit the various departments from the fermentation, washing, bottling packaging etc., and then finish by tanks, where we are offered a drink and a chance to drink beer directly from them.
Then explains all the different types of beer that the company produces, and those who want can try them for free, at the end of the tour we are given a certificate of beer drinkers and we go out of tune enough.
We return then a few kilometers outside the city to visit the museum of Route 66 , which yesterday had found closed The entrance is free, the museum is small, but very nice with different signs and original signs, inside there is a small store where you can buy some gadgets.
According always in theme route 66, we return to the city and go to get ice cream at the store Ted Drawer’s Frozen Custard a pillar of 66, which seems to have stepped back several years.
Now is the 17 past and decide to get out of St. Louis to lighten a few km tomorrow, so there move in the direction of Springfield and we stop to take some pictures to ‘ Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, a bridge over the Mississippi just north of St. Louis, on River view Drive parallel to the modern bridge of Interstate 270. For many years he was a member of Route 66 and today you can cross on foot or by bike: it is halfway between Missouri and Illinois.
Our idea would be to cross it, but unfortunately and fortunately also a policeman sees us, and warns us that the area is not very safe, especially to leave the machine unattended, as it often happens that steal cars or break windows to steal stuff inside, so we only do a few quick pictures.
Before arriving in Springfield we stop all ‘ Henry’s Ra66it Ranch, Staunton, another quaint place on route 66, with signs and old gas pumps.
Arrival in the capital of Illinois in the late evening, dinner at Pizza Hut and go to sleep, tomorrow is another beautiful day. Mg. Partial 194.5 Mg. Total: 2698.3 Super 8 1330 S.Dirksen Springfield Rating: 7/10