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Can I watch HBO GO in Canada?

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HBO GO, for those who do not know, happens to be a very popular on-demand television and movie streaming application and if you happen to be living in the United States, it’s a plus factor for you since you will gain access to a ton of content. Sadly, the same thing cannot be said about those who are living outside of the United States, and thanks to limited or restricted content, it pretty much kills their entertainment experience. However, things do not have to look so bleak because there are always different routes that you can take that will allow you to stream HBO GO Canada.

How to Watch HBO GO anywhere in the World, including Canada?

Possibly the best method to start viewing United States’ catered content is by using Smart DNS Proxy. There are several other proxy services available, but the reason why we will continue to recommend this is because the trial access period expires after a much longer period compared to other services out there, which not only gives you a longer period to view content without encountering viewing limitations but at the same time, you get to enjoy such content for a much longer period compared to the other services.

Despite the fact that proxy services are compatible with both smartphones, tablets, and Windows and OS X powered machines, it is definitely best to view content on larger screens ranging from laptop and desktop computers since they are the ones that deliver a more refined experience rather than viewing movies and shows on your smaller smartphone and tablets screens. Also, you should know that the streaming performance will also depend upon the performance of your internet as well as the router that you are using. Having a better router results in better streaming performance over longer ranges since it transmit data packets at a much larger rate compared to inexpensive routers, with little packet loss.

What variety of content do you get when using HBO GO?

A shorter version of the answer would be that you can gain access to a ton of content. Given below is just a small list of the bigger piece of pie that you will be able to experience once you start using the service.

  • Game of Thrones
  • True Blood
  • Girls
  • True Detective
  • Board Walk Empire
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • HBO Boxing

There is a lot more content available on HBO GO and if you manage to take a look at all of the shows being offered to you, then you will know that it is definitely a service that you should look into.