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7 Historical destinations which you shouldn’t miss on your next trip to Turkey


It has been unanimously acknowledged by the tourist and the researchers that Turkey is one of the hottest destinations for vacations. Turkey has been ranked as the 6th most visited places of the world (partly in Asia) in 2015 and the total number of international tourists doubled between 2006 and 2014. If you’re into travel reading, you must have heard a number of rave reviews about this place and when you visit Turkey, you are bound to be super-impressed with the diversity and beauty of the country. When you spend a few weeks in the country and even after visiting 5 different cities, you will feel that you’ve just scratched what Turkey has to offer you. With its awesome ancient ruins, fabulous beaches, delicious food and disparate culture, Turkey always has something to offer the tourists.

There is not another historically diverse country than Turkey. From the Mongols to the Trojans, Ottomans, Romans and Greeks, there are many major cultures and empires which have left their remains on the modern-day Turkey. This eclectic historical culture has lead to a wide variety of historical sites which the visitors require covering. Check out the various historical destinations which you shouldn’t miss out while on your visit to Turkey.

  1. Cappadocia: The swooping rock valleys of the place called Cappadocia is indeed dream-like and surreal and can be the exact place for a photographer. Hill crests and cliff ridges offer a home to vivid and flowing panoramas of wacky-shaped pinnacles and wave-like rocks that were formed due to millennia of water and wind action. In case you’re tired to go hiking in this place, this is the best spot to take a hot air balloon ride.
  2. Ephesus: This is yet another place which you shouldn’t miss and it is the mighty ruins of Ephesus. It’s a city of enormous monuments and roads columned with marble. This is one of the most complete standing Roman cities and you can experience here what life may have been like during and before the Roman Empire. This is history at its best!
  3. Izmir: The history of Izmir dates back to 3000 BC and you can find historical ruins of different buildings and sites in this city. This is more of an industrial city which was good midpoint between Ephesus, Istanbul and the Turkish coast which lies to the south. Izmir is a town which made huge strides in the last few decades and there are so many activities to do in Izmir.
  4. Istanbul: Istanbul is a city which bestrides Europe and Asia through the Strait of Bosphorus. This is an ancient city which influences and reflects the many empires which used to rule the place once upon a time. In the Sultanahmet district, the Roman-era Hippodrome was considered as the site for chariot races throughout centuries. It was also known as holding the remains of Egyptian obelisks. The iconic Hagia Sophia consists of a soaring dome and some splendid Christian mosaics.
  5. Pergamum: Turkey is a place which is has abundance of Greco-Roman ruins but you can never see such ruins being placed in such a romantic manner as is done in ancient Pergamum. This was once a home to the most vital libraries of the ancient world and the remaining temple remnants of Pergamum now are kept dramatically throughout the top of the hills.
  6. Gobekli Tepe: This is an archaeological site which is situated above the top of a mountain ridge located at the South-eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. This tells has a height of around 15m and is around 300 m in diameter. This is placed 6 miles away from Urfa and has made one of the most surprising archaeological discoveries of their time. Schmidt, a German archaeologist used to work in Gobekli Tepe and he convinced people that this was the oldest temple of the world. Nevertheless, this was indeed the first human-built holy place.
  7. Pamukkale: This is one of the most popular natural wonders of Turkey. The immaculate white terraces made of travertine cascade down the entire slope giving the feel and look of a snowfield within a huge green landscape. Though travertine are themselves a highlight of your vacation to Turkey, yet another main reason to visit these place is to check out the vast ruins of the Roman Hierapolis which lies on the top of the calcite hill.

Therefore, if you’re planning your next vacation to Turkey, don’t miss out on the above mentioned historical destinations. Turkey is a place where east meets the west and history gets a new definition. If you’re visiting from the US, you can seek help of a travel agency that plans your itineraries to Turkey and ensures that you don’t miss out on the best and the main attractions of the city.