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14 Camping Hacks You Will Want to Read

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As soon as the sun appears, many campers pull out their camping gear to enjoy a wonderful evening in the great outdoors. Whether travelling with friends or family members, camping provides an opportunity to connect with nature and disconnect from modern technology.

However, living outdoors for one or two nights can come with different challenges. To help you maximize your trip, we’re offering 14 camping hacks you will want to read.

1. Perfectly Pack a Cooler

Your cooler will be your best friend during a camping trip, especially if you use it well. Fully utilize the cooler’s benefits by packing any bottles or cans at the bottom, as they will stay cooler for longer. We also recommend adding a layer of ice over any drinks or food containers, as the ice will fall in between the cooler’s crevices. Pack any bagged objects on top of the ice layer, and ensure the cooler is packed full to prevent any warm air sneaking inside.

2. Protect Toilet Paper

Protect your toilet paper from rain or dirt by placing it inside a coffee can, this will ensure the toilet paper is both clean and dry throughout the camping trip. To make life a little easier, cut a slit in the side of the tin to roll out the paper with ease.

3. A Natural Mosquito Repellent

Nothing can ruin a camping experience quite like mosquitos, who can bite away at our skin in the middle of the night, around a campfire or when enjoying a hiking trail. One way to naturally deter the troublesome bugs is by using sage as a natural mosquito repellent. Rub some on your skin or throw some sage onto the fire to ward them away.

4. Protect Your Matches

Almost every camper will carry a pack of matches with them. Unfortunately, it’s easy for them to become wet or crushed in the great outdoors. Protect your wooden matches by placing them inside a small plastic container so that they won’t be subjected to rain or damage. You could even glue sandpaper to the inside area of a container lid.

5. Take a Dutch Oven into the Wilderness

There is no better way to embrace the camping experience that using a traditional Dutch oven. This cooking method is often used by passionate campers who love to cook in the wilderness. Never worry about cooking up a delicious meal in the great outdoors again, as there are many tasty camping Dutch oven recipes for you to make in one pot.

6. Prepare Your Pancakes

Who says you can’t enjoy pancakes during a camping trip? Pre-make a pancake mix before you go so you don’t have to worry about broken eggs or spoiled milk. Simply make the mix at home and freeze until you head out on your trip. It will double as an ice pack, and all you will need to add is water once you’re ready to use the batter.

7. Stuff Your Shoes

The outdoors is full of little creatures who have an annoying habit of making their way into your clothing. Keep the pesky bugs out of your shoes by filling your footwear with a pair of socks, this will allow you slide on your shoes without having to worry about any insects inside.

8. Tie a Shoe Rack Around a Tree

Camping offers a perfect opportunity to be a little creative when it comes to storage. If you want a place to store all your products, why not tie a shoe rack around a tree trunk, this will provide a safe and organized space to store your items, as you can place items in different pouches. However, ensure you remove any scented items during the night to avoid bears finding their way into your camp.

9. Use Corn Chips for Kindling

Are you struggling to make a fire due to wet wood? You could always use corn chips as kindling. The tasty treats work as an effective fire starter, so can warm up the camp in no time. Any leftover chips can be used as a snack or to create yummy nachos for the whole group.

10.Cotton Buds and Petroleum Jelly

Smear petroleum jelly onto a cotton ball to create a makeshift fire starter. Prepare them in advance by placing the items in a plastic resealable bag, which you can use if your kindling fails to light. It’s a great way to light a fire in an instant.

11. Light Up the Campsite with Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are an effective method for shining a light on a dark camp. Not only can they help your camp mates spot you in the dark, but you can place them inside empty bottles to create mood lighting. You could also use the colourful accessories to illuminate a path to a tent or a restroom.

12. Determine the Wind Direction

Don’t breathe in your neighbor’s campfire smoke all day and night. Before you pitch a tent, aim to identify the wind direction for a more pleasant camping experience. A simple flag will show you the direction that the wind is travelling, look for a campsite that is located upwind, if possible.

13. Place Rocks Around a Campfire

Every parent will want to protect their children from a campfire, which is why you must do your best to add a little distance between a fire and your kids. For this reason, we recommend surrounding a campfire with rocks, which will create a barrier between the flames and your children. Don’t forget to explain the dangers of fire to your children, as well as any fire-starters, to encourage campsite safety.

14.Take an Old Area Rug

Do you have an old area rug you no longer use? Take it with you on a camping trip to place inside your tent. It will help to manage any dirt, while keeping bugs away. What’s more, it will offer a little more padding for you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, and it will feel great under your feet each morning.