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World CEO’s Charles Phillips

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Many consider them to be more powerful than politicians, this may or may not be true in but when it comes to industry and economy there are few more powerful people than the CEOs off the World. Today we want to concentrate on one particular CEO whose rise to the top of his industry has been remarkable and a man who is considered to be one of the most important tech CEOs in the United States, Charles Phillips.


Phillips is currently CEO for enterprise applications company Infor, a company that provides software solutions for business’ all over the world and a company that has a reputation for small and niche company acquisitions. The idea of acquiring smaller companies was one that Phillips had when he arrived at Infor to help the company remain competitive in the face of challenges set forward by huge companies like SAP and Oracle and one that has helped them do exactly that.

Prior to working for Infor, Charles Phillips moved from Oracle where he’d worked from 2003-2010, Phillips would prove himself to be a shining light in his field. He headed up the sales and acquisitions team and during his time at the company successfully negotiated over 70 acquisitions amassing billions of dollars and aiding his company to grow by just over 300%. The rise in Oracle’s success was largely put down to the influence of Phillips who’s aggressive and creative approach proved invaluable to the company along with his healthy list of contacts that he’d made through the years.

Much of these contacts were made during his time at Morgan Stanley from 1994-2003 where he would work alongside hedge fund managers, private investors and industry analysts, experience that he could later call upon to aid his rise to the top.

The Man

Charles Phillips was born in Little Rock, Arkansas into a military family, he would convert his love of all things to do with computers and his family tradition by doing the Air Force upon leaving school where he would gain a BS in computer science. Following the Air Force he joined the Marines where he worked in computer systems until 1986, this military experience no doubt had a profound effect on his skills as a negotiator.

To further his education, Phillips studied for an MBA from Hampton University before achieving a JD from the New York Law School, it was during this time that he was beginning his career in software and technology as Vice-President of companies such as BNY Mellon and Kidder Peabody.

Today, Charles’ success hasn’t changed him, he remains a humble and unassuming man who dedicates much of his time to philanthropy, having set up his own Phillips Charitable Organization with his wife which combined many of their existing charities in to one organization. He is still very much a geek and by his own admission ‘loves gadgets,’ he still takes the subway to work and he is still as hungry as ever to push his company to dizzying heights.